An anti-Semitic Democratic Party spinning out of control

The US Democratic Party chooses voluntarily not to kick Ilhan Omar out of the party, despite her repeated expressions of gross anti-Semitism.

Just yesterday, Ilhan Omar said it was “unfair” of US President Donald Trump to impose sanctions against Iran because this is “economic warfare” which hits hard at ordinary hardworking Iranian citizens.

At the same time, however, Ilhan Omar is an avid supporter of sanctions against the Jewish state of Israel for precisely the same reason – because it hits hard at ordinary hardworking Israeli citizens. Omar is a rabid proponent of the anti-Semitic BDS sanctions movement (BDS stands for “Boycott Divestment and SANCTIONS”) that targets Israel and only Israel, and is accordingly an avid supporter of “economic warfare” against any state of the Jews – by her very own definition.

Since the Democratic Party is familiar with and locked in step with Ilhan Omar’ anti-Semitic stance, and since the party takes no steps to admonish her for her frequent racist transgressions, it is safe to deduce that today the Democratic Party is a hotbed of rabid anti-Semitism.

Not every single member, of course, but sufficient numbers of the leading party elite and politburo to cement the Democratic Party’s emerging reputation as a specifically anti-Jewish organisation.

Because there is one thing that unites Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders and a whole host of controversial leading Democratic Party figures: their animosity towards the Jewish state and Jews in general.

And, remarkably, their increasing animosity towards the USA as they instead side with the terrorist regime of Iran, which has threatened, kidnapped and murdered countless American civilians and US service personnel in multiple countries. This situation bears repeating for the full impact of its enormity: in the ongoing existential stand-off between the USA and Iran, in which Iran for 40 years has killed countless American civilians and service personnel as part of its proudly publicised military campaign to crush the United States of America, the Democratic Party sides with the Iranian regime rather than with American citizens.

In everyday English this is known as treason. In times of war, which state one might reasonably argue characterises the relationship between Iran and the USA as the Iranian regime kills Americans and the US responds by taking out leading Iranian war criminals, treason is usually punished by either internment or the death sentence.

The Democratic Party may want to reconsider its unhealthy relationship with Ilhan Omar, and its sick obsession with demonising the Jewish state of Israel and ONLY Israel.

Or deserve the reputation it is fast cementing for itself.