Fortress Sweden

What do you take with you when you go shopping? Money, credit card, shopping list, grocery bags? Check. And, if you live in Sweden, also a bulletproof vest and/or stab-vest.

The new Sweden:

Supermarket personnel being issued with bulletproof and stab-proof vests.

Yes, you read right.

No, there is no martial law in Sweden. On the contrary, the government and its loyal taxpayer-funded media continue to claim all is well and that drawing attention to this situation is an act of racism.

Which must mean that the government and its loyal media know or suspect that attacks against supermarket staff are carried out by non-Swedes, which nobody else assumes without evidence.

Which in turn makes the Swedish government and its loyal media genuine racists.

Meanwhile, attacks against supermarkets, hospitals, schools, homes, restaurants, cars, women, young boys, young girls, essential infrastructure, police officers’ families (yes, you read right), ambulance and fire service staff – all this and more continues unabated.

The government is instead preoccupied with imposing a punitive tax on the use of plastic bags – in a Sweden where recycling of plastic has already reached virtually 100% efficiency, in a Sweden that has long led the rest of the world in viable clean-tech.

After the electoral revolution takes place here – and it will – it is to be hoped that several dozen heads will (figuratively) roll on charges of treason. What this succession of governments and their boot-licking, enforced taxpayer-funded media slaves have done is nothing short of treacherous.

And they know it. Which is why Sweden’s politicians and media are now literally fighting for their (professional and financial) lives: either they win and continue perpetrating the biggest social experiment and economic scam in this country’s history, or they lose – and lose everything, for all time to come. They know which side their bread is buttered, they’re fighting hard and dirty to defend their place at the trough.