Appeasement worked so well last time round, right?

Europe, led as usual by the French, has a penchant for wanting history to repeat itself.

80 years ago Europe was all for appeasing the Nazis. The Nazis have two ideological pillars, pursued with terrifying tenacity:

  • to create an empire consisting of what they regard as the “master-race”, subjugating and/or killing all who stand in their way
  • ridding the world of Jews

Today, the ideological descendants of the Nazis – the Islamist Shia mullah regime of Iran – have two very different ideological pillars, pursued with terrifying tenacity:

  • to create an empire consisting of what they regard as the “master-race”, subjugating and/or killing all who stand in their way
  • ridding the world of Jews

Sorry, did I write “very different” ideological pillars? That was wrong – they are of course identical.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the evidence here, here, here, here or here – and that’s just for starters.

Europe’s leaders are displaying classic signs of willingness to appease, succumb to extortion, weakness to blackmail – call it what you want. And whatever you call it, it’s ugly and unworthy of anyone who claims to possess leadership qualities.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was recently on a tour of European capitals, where the red carpet was rolled out and he was feted as a celebrity representing a moderate state – at the same time as even more Iranian women were battered by “morality police”, imprisoned without trial, in some cases even hanged for daring to show some of their hair, or dress the way they want, or attend football matches, or fight for labour rights. Gays in Iran are routinely hanged in public from cranes (see here, here and here). And in the supremely “moral” Iran of the mullahs, prostitution “does not exist” according to the regime and is punishable in the same way as homosexuality – but it is OK to get married for as little as three minutes provided the appropriate fee has been paid in advance to the woman and both the “halal marriage” and the subsequent “halal divorce” have been certified by a fee-earning mullah. No, really, in the supremely moral Iran ruled by the supreme ayatollah…

Europe’s silence on all this is of course not just one of abject cowardice – it is very much to do with money. Iran’s genocidal rhetoric against the Jewish state, Iran’s genocidal attacks against civilian Jews in various countries in Europe, South America, Asia and elsewhere, Iran’s terrorist activities not just in the Middle East but throughout the world, are not to get in the way of mutually lucrative contracts. It’s not only about fear of Iran’s military and terrorist threats to Europe, it is also about the thirst for continued sales opportunities in Iran that is driving Europe to use 15 billion dollars in taxpayer funds to open up even larger reciprocal financial deals with the mullahs’ regime.

To paraphrase another anti-Semitic racist in the US Congress, for Europe it truly is “all about the Benjamins”.

Every single morning, French president Macron looks optimistically in the mirror, fails yet again to discover anything resembling a spine or moral fibre or basic ethics – and still he goes out unashamedly to meet his constituents. It is the French president – of course – who first floated the idea of using taxpayer funds to protect Iran.

The rest of Europe eagerly backed him.

Of course, Europe is not alone – or indeed the first – to engage in funding Iran’s domestic and international terrorism. The process started under former US president Obama, who took the inexplicable initiative to voluntarily, without reciprocity, and with historically unparalleled deception, release 1.7 billion dollars to the mullahs – money that was promptly distributed to various terrorist organisations throughout the Middle East.

History ought to have taught Europe that you can’t buy peace with money – you can only delay the inevitable. You negotiate peace through strength – backed by the threat of massive, inexorable violence. Europe’s leaders need to go back to school.