Palestinianism – the multi-billion dollar malaise

What a joke!

The anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority can’t even secure the Gaza Strip – the other half of their ethnically cleansed “state” – from the Strip’s equally anti-Semitic Hamas.

And there’s a call to make Israel Palestine?

The funny bit is the word “again”. In their convoluted logic,  three thousand years of continuous Jewish rule in the land of Israel, with a Jewish capital called Jerusalem in a Jewish province called Judea, with a Jewish religion, Jewish language, Jewish monetary system, Jewish social structure, are all less than 1400 years of the birth of Islam on a different continent, in a different region, populated by different people speaking a different language and with no connection to Jerusalem or the land of Israel until the followers of Islam invaded and slaughtered their way into the Jewish heartland.

But then this is the sickness known as Palestinianism, which is an addiction to other people’s money and an obsession with a personal sense of personal martyrdom, total absence of responsibility, and a perpetual chip on the shoulder. The sickness shows itself as a chronic inability to acknowledge one’s own failings while simultaneously blaming all personal shortcomings on “the Jews”.

There is no known cure. Exposure to heavy doses of fact, honesty, information, chronology and documentation have shown no effect on the symptoms of Palestinianism. The disease has been demonstrated to be immune to all known treatments owing to decades of unregulated use of an addictive drug known as UNRWA, manufactured by hallucinogenic preparation specialist UN.