Nasrallah – the “hero” who lives in a hole

It’s easy to be brave when you’re hiding deep underground in a dungeon, protected by kindergartens and hospitals built on top to shield you.

The Iranian-owned Lebanese terrorist, Hassan Nasrallah, claims that the IDF is a “Hollywood army“.

Well, Nasrallah has been living deep, deep underground since summer 2006 when he started his latest war against “Hollywood”.

If the IDF is just a “Hollywood army” as he claims, what’s he so afraid of? Why doesn’t this rat emerge from his hole? After 13 years living in fear in his underground dungeon, reports say his skin is now so pasty, thin, brittle and pale that he probably could not spend much time in daylight without suffering irreversible damage to his health.

If he’s so afraid of “Hollywood”, just imagine how afraid he is of the guys and gals of the IDF… And yes, you dog Nasrallah, the chances are actually 50-50 that the sniper bullet that puts an end to your life may come from a Jewish female soldier as from a Jewish male soldier.

Oh the sheer indignity to his Islamist macho image, having to run and hide from girls. Jewish girls at that…

Unbridled idiot.