Gothenburg: planned Yom Kippur battleground for Nazis, Left-wing fanatics, Islamists and Anarchists

Two days ago, following a court order, the Gothenburg Police finally changed the route of the planned NMR Nazi march on Yom Kippur so it does not pass by the city’s main synagogue.

Today, previously suspected plans by extreme left-wing groups from Sweden and the rest of Europe to stage a major clash in the city are now being discussed openly in social media. Some sources indicate that more than 10,000 left-wing fanatics will arrive in the city to do battle on Yom Kippur.

It is expected that Gothenburg’s downtown area, where the synagogue is located, will turn into a veritable battleground on Saturday, which is both Yom Kippur and Shabbat, as left-wing extremists, anarchists, Islamists and Nazis do battle with the police over the right to control the streets.

A few years ago in Malmö in southern Sweden, Islamists and extreme-left fanatics held the entire city in lockdown because a pair of Israelis dared to play tennis in the city as part of the renowned international Davis Cup tournament. That ended with Swedish police having to call in reinforcements from colleagues in Denmark – an embarrassing historic first for Swedes to see Danish riot police patrolling Swedish streets. The sight of foreign militia vehicles patrolling your country usually signals a coup or an invasion. The rioting caused millions of kronor of damage. I was there, photographing and filming it all first-hand.

Malmö is located close to Copenhagen, just across the sound, so Danish police reinforcements were able to be rushed to the aid of their grateful Swedish colleagues. Gothenburg is located a couple of hundred kilometres from Norway, and more than 300 km from Denmark.

We give our complete moral support to the Gothenburg police and hope they will succeed in their important mission of subduing the warring factions and keeping the city free for its law-abiding population, including for the city’s Jews as they make their way to and from synagogue on Yom Kippur.

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