Gothenburg: planned Yom Kippur battleground for Nazis, Left-wing fanatics, Islamists and Anarchists

Two days ago, following a court order, the Gothenburg Police finally changed the route of the planned NMR Nazi march on Yom Kippur so it does not pass by the city’s main synagogue. Today, previously suspected plans by extreme left-wing groups from Sweden and the rest of Europe to stage a major clash in the […]

Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal forces Nazis to change march route away from synagogue

The Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal has ordered that the planned Nazi march near Gothenburg’s main synagogue on Yom Kippur be altered, so that it ends well away from and goes nowhere near the synagogue. This is very welcome news. As Jews in Gothenburg we have not demanded that democratic rights of assembly be curtailed […]

Nazi Yom Kippur demo in Gothenburg, Sweden, a godsend to PC-Swedes

On Yom Kippur this year, NMR – a neo-Nazi party – will be holding a racist demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their route takes them close to the doors of Gothenburg’s main synagogue. On Yom Kippur. The Gothenburg Jewish Community has always enjoyed an excellent, warm and professional relationship with the police, both the uniform branch […]

Lessons in extortion: Pyongyang sits the exam, while Teheran takes notes

From an historical viewpoint it would be interesting to look back and see how future generations judge us for our passiveness today. Over a period of eight years, in a shocking display of well-meaning naivete and ill-considered policy, US President Barack Obama protected, even rescued and aided, rogue regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, […]