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Israel rescues Iranian blogger from death

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Let’s get this straight:

The racist Mahmud Abbas routinely accuses the Jewish state of Israel of inhumanity.

Yet that same Israel has rescued the Baha’i religion from persecution and obliteration in Iran – the religion’s world headquarters is now located in Haifa. You know, the Jewish state of Israel.

The racist Mahmud Abbas accuses the Jewish state of genocide – yet on Israel’s watch the local Muslim population has grown five-fold. That’s expansion by 500 per cent. That’s both in Israel and what is euphemistically referred to as the “Palestinian” territories – you know, the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria from which the Muslim Arabs ethnically cleansed all Jews between 1948 and 1967…

The racist Mahmud Abbas accuses the Jewish state of Israel of persecution – yet Israel has not only given a voice to persecuted Kurds and Yazidis, but also rescued an Iranian blogger who risked being hanged for the crime of voicing her opinion OUTSIDE Iran.

The racist Mahmud Abbas accuses Israel of “Islamophobia” – yet Israel is at the forefront of providing medical attention, food aid and other live-saving essentials to all Muslim Syrians who come to the Syria-Israel border fence for assistance, no questions asked, no payment required.

I know I keep writing “the racist Mahmud Abbas”, but you know what? Despite every horrific statement, demand and terrorist action by this horrific person, the world community, led not least by the UN and EU, stays resolutely silent on his atrocities. Just as that same world community stays resolutely silent on the widespread humanitarian actions that Israel takes the world over.

So in light of the world community’s silence, just what does that silence signify? That the world community is as racist as Mahmud Abbas is, or simply that the world community is pathetically spineless, embarrassingly amoral and utterly lacking in principles, all the while tacitly recognising Israel’s sterling qualities but never daring to say anything? Who knows.

What I do know is that many thousands and hundreds of thousands of people the world over owe their lives and well-being to the selfless work of the Jewish state of Israel.

Now most recently as Israel offered asylum to an Iranian lady who dared express her opinions while outside Iran.

None of the other UN or EU member states dared offer her asylum, for fear of offending the Islamist masters in Ankara and Teheran.