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“From The Shadows” – the third book in “The Hart Trilogy” – is out now

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

From The Shadows”, the third and final book in “The Hart Trilogy” is now out. It can be purchased via and from other online bookstores, either in paperback or as an e-book (for Kindle or other e-readers after downloading a suitable free app).

Later this year I will be in Israel on a book-signing tour and giving talks about the books and the realities that lie behind them.

Before delving into “From The Shadows”, let me say that while reading through the final proofs, several world events took place that underscored the topicality, the urgency, of the themes it deals with: terrorism, Islamism, unfettered immigration without adequate controls, inadequate integration, Western societies too cowed by the religion of Political Correctness to support their own citizens, the existential threat posed to host societies by confusing generosity with carte blanche. These threats are increasingly taking centre-stage in the minds of entire populations, even as their politicians and media do all they can to avoid acknowledging the truth.

And nowhere is this truth truer than in Sweden.

The Hart Trilogy consists of three books for a good reason. Featuring many of the same characters and venues, when read as a series the aim is to take the reader on a journey. A cognitive journey from relatively gentle, deliberately naïve beginnings in “Bridges Going Nowhere”, through insights into a harsher reality in “The Threat Beneath”, to the darker, some might say apocalyptic, vision of the looming future as told in “From The Shadows”.

Following on from where “Bridges Going Nowhere” and “The Threat Beneath” left off, “From The Shadows” embarks on a dark voyage. It takes the reader from an emboldened Hamas in the Gaza Strip to Sweden in far-off Scandinavia. The physical distance between the two stands in stark contrast to their sometimes startling closeness in terms of attitudes and demographics. And wherever the action plays out, there is a newly revived Iranian regime pulling the strings.

I live in both Sweden and Israel, having previously spent many years in a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip. A lot of research has gone into the fine details of the story – people’s names, attitudes in the street, the inside line on the various security services involved, the technologies that are so crucial to the storyline.

As before, a lot of effort has also gone into deliberately muddying the waters so that this element of transparency, of traceability, does not go too far and jeopardise security. Many details are therefore deliberately inaccurate or entirely incorrect, a figment of my imagination. I believe in depicting reality – but with responsibility.

Along with the fast pace of the action and the in-depth political analysis, I try to bring an undercurrent of dry, bubbling humour in telling the tale, a down-to-earth sense of fun in spotlighting foibles of characters co-existing in unease and sometimes downright antipathy. The conflicts between various ethnic groups and between various religious ideologies as depicted in the book are unfortunately all too real, but like in real life they also occasionally give rise to dry humour.

As before, I had to rewrite significant portions of the storyline as the fiction on which the action centres began to be reported in the media as ongoing news.

The storyline is entirely fictional, but the reality it depicts is frightening.

Starting from today’s launch, the first 2500 US dollars’ worth of sales of this book and the previous two books in the trilogy will be donated to the Alyn Paediatric Hospital in Jerusalem. So I don’t feel shy about asking people to buy – for themselves and to give away as presents.

Terrorism is terrorism, wherever it takes place. No ifs, no buts.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in Brussels.

The Prime Minister of Belgium says that “this was an attack on the capital of Europe, the EU is at war”.

Excuse me, but say that again?

Israel experiences precisely this kind of violence on a daily basis, carried out by precisely the same terrorists, following precisely the same ideology and using precisely the same methods.

Europe, the EU, constantly attack Israel for taking necessary steps to prevent this type of carnage.

Yet it takes just 1 (ONE) single such attack in Brussels to put all of Europe, the entire EU, on a war footing?

Excuse me, but does hypocrisy really have no limits?

There is absolutely no question that we all support whatever measures Europe, the EU, may take to prevent further atrocities of this kind.

No ifs, no buts. The EU is a civil society that deserves to enjoy a civil life in uncompromised security.

That said, we should never, EVER, have any faith in a single word that Europe, the EU, have to say on Israel or its uncompromised security.

Today’s atrocity in Brussels ought to have made that abundantly clear to everyone.

Today, the EU and the rest of Europe are reaping the harvest they have sown. There is no gloating, no sense of malicious “I told you so”, in stating this. I am only stating it as a warning to others not to let this kind of selective blindness seep further into the mindset of other civil societies.

Because if London, Glasgow, Madrid, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Paris weren’t enough, Brussels most surely is.

Enough is enough. The head of the hydra that is Islamist terrorism needs to be severed and its body incinerated. Once and for all. Everywhere. Repeat: EVERYWHERE.

The new way to spell hypocrisy: J o h n K e r r y

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

A quick question for John Kerry, in all humility:

Is his government planning on giving away Alaska any time soon? Puerto Rico? Mainland USA?


Strange – these were lands CONQUERED by invaders from Ireland and elsewhere (that would be John Kerry’s folks) who later called themselves Americans, displacing the indigenous populations and utterly destroying the social fabric of entire communities dating back several millennia.

In the case of Israel and Judea & Samaria, on the other hand, the land is indigenous to the Jews. The fact that one of these Jewish provinces is actually called “Judea” kind of gives it away.

But of course there’s no US law that requires a Foreign Secretary to be either intelligent or well-read, either honest or principled.

That’s why Kerry can continue to demand that Jews “relinquish” their indigenous territory to much – MUCH – later foreign invaders from the Arabian peninsula.

That’s why Kerry can term as “expropriation” all measures to allow Jews to settle in their own lands.

While at the same time turning a blind eye to some of the most horrific acts of brutal colonisation and mass rape of indigenous people’s rights carried out by the USA – the country of which he is Foreign Secretary.

Hypocrisy has a new name: it’s spelt John Kerry.

Read the excellent article on the subject by Varda Meyers Epstein entitled “Land Expropriation? Seriously?