Bridges Going Nowhere

Author: Ilya Meyer
Artwork: Nadav Meyer

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This is my first foray into publishing fiction.
Yes, I know that makes me sound like the Palestinian Authority Minister of “Information” but…
But this is REAL fiction. Or is it? Read on.
Bridges Going Nowhere” takes the reader from the dusty, stony and constantly turbulent hills of Judea and Samaria to the cold winter urban backdrop of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.
Meet Adan Hamati and Haydar Murad, Palestinian Arab terrorists (or freedom-fighters if that’s your particular viewpoint); Amira Hart and Benny Hart, Israeli brother-and-sister duo in rival security services; and Marita Ohlsson and Samira Hersi, two Swedes with very different backgrounds.
The action, always bubbling under the surface, bursts into explosive duels with predictable ferocity.
This is the first of a trilogy of fast-paced novels with an unashamedly political backdrop: the never-ending turmoil of the Middle East.
As the plot unfolds, the scene shifts and the action picks up the pace, climaxing in an unexpected scenario far from home.
Bearing in mind that I first wrote this in summer 2012, it is perhaps not entirely unexpected that reality has in some respects overtaken imagination – some of the fiction I conjured up back then has since been reported as news in the media. Am I psychic or just plain ahead of my time? The reader can decide – if indeed there is any potential reader out there who is kind enough to spend three dollars and seventy-four cents ($3.74) or one pound eight-eight pence (£1.88) of their hard-earned on this first of my trilogy.
Oh, and did I mention that all net proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Michael Levine Lone Soldier Center in Israel – the IDF lone soldiers fund in memory of the wonderful young man who died far too young while he and my older son served in the IDF during the 2006 Hezbollah war against Israel’s civilians.
Please spread the word and, above all, if you buy the book and like it, recommend it to others.
And do please, PLEASE star-rate the book AND write a review on Amazon – this will help exponentially spread the word.
Because I conceived this book, the first of a trilogy, as part of my ongoing Israel-advocacy work – soft “hasbara” in the form of fiction as a complement to conventional forms of getting the pro-Israel message out there.
It’s all in a VERY good cause.
Many thanks.