The expensive joke that is the UN

The UN is one of the most underrated – and expensive – comedy shows ever.
UN member state the Philippines has been devasted by a recent typhoon, with huge loss of life and the eradication of many communities and population centres.
UN member state Syria increasingly resembles an apocalyptic graveyard.
UN member state Lebanon is once again gradually imploding into sectarian violence.
UN member state Afghanistan is currently debating legislation to allow the public stoning of people accused of infidelity.
UN member state Saudi Arabia chops off the hands of thieves.
UN member state Iran hangs gays, political dissidents and criminals from construction cranes in public squares.
UN member state Egypt is subsiding into anarchy, despotism and increasingly bold attacks on its original Coptic Christian population – people who have been living ┬áin Egypt since several centuries before Islam was even invented.
UN member state China still occupies Tibet.
UN member state Great Britain still occupies Gibraltar. And the Falkland Islands.
UN member state the US still occupies tribal lands belonging to the native peoples of North America.
UN member state Morocco still occupies West Sahara.
UN member state Thailand is dissolving as pro- and anti-government protesters engage in running battles on the streets.
UN member state North Korea still routinely threatens nuclear war against its neighbours.
UN member state Iran, yet another rogue regime, has now been given UN go-ahead to continue its nuclear programme, cosmetically somewhat curtailed.
UN member states Pakistan and India continue their uneasy nuclear standoff and engage in routine military battles.
UN member state Turkey still illegally occupies half of Cyprus. With walls, security fences and barriers to separate the island’s imported Turkish mainlanders from the ethnically cleansed Greek Cypriots who were displaced from their homes. This subject is not even mentioned at the UN, let alone debated.
And that’s before we even begin to enter into the dire straits in which many African UN member states find themselves.
But at UN headquarters, none of this matters – or even registers. Because it is not important. The UN has no time for these minor matters. What the UN has time – and money – for is to proclaim (wait for it – you’re really going to enjoy this one) …
International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
You know, the people who already enjoy more of our financial aid than all other aid recipients in the world combined. The Palestinian people, all 3 million of them, already get more than all the other 30 million refugees in the world put together. Every year. And they’ve been getting this since 1948. Without any demand for reciprocity – not even a UN demand that they stop killing Jews for sport.
For financial, diplomatic and other aid to the Palestinian Arabs, the UN has all the time, resources and money in the world.
Meanwhile, the Kurds still have no country of their own, UN member state Turkey has still not admitted its culpability in the genocide it carried out against both Armenians and Kurds, there is still no UN-sponsored international year of solidarity with the Tamil people of Sri Lanka who suffered indescribable inhumanities at the hands of the Sri Lankan government …
The UN: the most expensive joke in history.