Obsession is the new sanity

Let’s see now:
The mad-dog regime of North Korea detonates an underground nuclear device in direct contravention of global opinion – while extorting food aid from the nations of the world. Yawn from the UN and EU.
The brutal regime of Assad has breached the 100,000 mark in the number of Syrian citizens murdered by the Syrian government, and a million Syrians are now refugees. Yawn from the UN and EU.
The murderous regime of the Iranian ayatollahs routinely hangs pickpockets, thieves, gays and political opponents from construction cranes in Tehran city centre. Yawn from the UN and EU.
The racist government of Lebanon continues to deny Palestinian Arabs citizenship or even the right to own property or engage in certain professions (now why do these draconian measures sound so very familiar from, let’s say Nazi-era Germany?). Yawn from the UN and EU.
The Moslem Brotherhood regime of Egypt drowns (yes, drowns) Gaza Arabs in underground tunnels. Yawn from the UN and EU.
But Moshe from Jerusalem wants to extend his kitchen and put fresh wallpaper on his bedroom walls, and the entire world erupts into a frenzy of UN Security Council condemnations, EU boycott calls, Islamist denunciations of “colonialism” and Hamas accusations that the Zionist Imperialist Colonialist power is forcing the people of Gaza to buy high-quality goods at reasonable prices when there is always the option of buying poor-quality tat smuggled in at exorbitant prices from Egypt via Hamas tunnels.
We truly live in a deranged world.