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Thursday, February 28th, 2013


Where integration means exactly what it says: pride in your heritage, yet full acclimatisation to your new country and living your life on the same terms (with the same benefits AND obligations) as the rest of the population.

Yityish Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013 (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)

A bit of a spit in the eye to all those BDS idiots who constantly whine about Israel’s “apartheid”.

Mazal tov Yityish. And Mazal tov Israel!

Israel’s legal foundations

Monday, February 25th, 2013

If there is one single video on the Middle East that you watch, one single source that you rely on regarding the legal basis of Israel’s borders, make sure it’s this video below.

Because it’s really very straightforward: if you don’t call into question the legality of Syria’s borders, or the Lebanon’s borders, or Egypt’s borders, or Jordan’s borders, or Iraq’s borders, then you have absolutely no legal justification for calling into question Israel’s borders.

Why is that? Simple. Because the borders of all these countries – including Israel – were drawn up and ratified on one and the same occasion. By all the world’s nations, in a binding agreement based in law. The body under whose auspices that binding agreement was drawn up was the League Nations – the predecessor to the UN Security Council. No organisation has replaced that legislative body, no laws have been passed transcending that legally binding legislation.

From the legal viewpoint Israel’s borders also encompass the entire area known today as Jordan, the “West Bank” and the Gaza Strip, also known as Palestine I, Palestine II and Palestine III respectively. The Arab world, for its part, has its sights set on the creation of Palestine IV in place of Israel. That is to say, in violation of the only – the ONLY – international legislation that applies to this area, which clearly marks out Israel’s borders and where no Arab-Muslim nation of “Palestine” has ever existed.

Israel for its part has renounced its title to Jordan and the Gaza Strip in exchange for peace, but dares not make an additional gift of the Jewish provinces of Judea & Samaria (aka the “West Bank” following Jordan’s illegal occupation of the area on the west bank of the River Jordan) to yet another hostile Arab-Islamist non-functioning entity with statehood pretensions.

The only country whose existence is called into question today is nonetheless Israel, despite the fact that every single country surrounding Israel owes its borders to one and the same legislation that drew up those borders, the League of Nations Mandate.

What therefore remains is to come to the sad but necessary realisation that Israel’s efforts in the future should not focus on avoiding war with her neighbours, but on decisively winning the next war. Once and for all, in order to create the right preconditions for finally accepting the legal parameters of the Jewish state’s existence – the same legal parameters that created the Lebanon, Syria, Iraq et al.

Because that war is coming – thanks to innate UN and EU prejudice and their incompetent meddling.

See the film:

Obama set to visit Israel – now’s the time to REALLY worry

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama, regarded by many (perhaps unfairly, perhaps justifiably) as the US president with the most hostile attitude to Israel in American history, is soon going to visit Israel.

It will be his first visit to Israel as president, despite his campaign  promises prior to his first term as president.

He has thus far visited a number of Islamist states in his capacity as president, and during his stewardship in the White House the Arab and Islamic worlds have been set ablaze, seeing the ascendancy of Islamic radicalisation, extremism and open hostility to liberal, democratic values in much of the region.

These changes came about through a remarkable – some might say schizophrenic – combination of active military interference in the internal affairs of some Arab/Islamic states and steadfast refusal to engage even in verbal fencing with other Arab/Islamic states.

What were the thoughts behind Obama’s sudden about-turn, his sudden desire to visit the Jewish state’s united, undivided and everlasting capital city Jerusalem? The US administration, like most others, persists in regarding Israel’s capital as  Tel Aviv. Which of course is fine, bearing in mind that the capital of the United States is New York, and the capital of France is Toulouse, and the capital of Britain is Liverpool…