Israel. Where integration means exactly what it says: pride in your heritage, yet full acclimatisation to your new country and living your life on the same terms (with the same benefits AND obligations) as the rest of the population. Yityish Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013 (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot) A bit of a spit in […]

Israel's legal foundations

If there is one single video on the Middle East that you watch, one single source that you rely on regarding the legal basis of Israel’s borders, make sure it’s this video below. Because it’s really very straightforward: if you don’t call into question the legality of Syria’s borders, or the Lebanon’s borders, or Egypt’s […]

Obama set to visit Israel – now's the time to REALLY worry

Barack Hussein Obama, regarded by many (perhaps unfairly, perhaps justifiably) as the US president with the most hostile attitude to Israel in American history, is soon going to visit Israel. It will be his first visit to Israel as president, despite his campaign ┬ápromises prior to his first term as president. He has thus far […]

Obsession is the new sanity

Let’s see now: The mad-dog regime of North Korea detonates an underground nuclear device in direct contravention of global opinion – while extorting food aid from the nations of the world. Yawn from the UN and EU. The brutal regime of Assad has breached the 100,000 mark in the number of Syrian citizens murdered by […]