Essential apps

Do you have a smartphone?
What apps do you have in it? No doubt a whole lot that are informative, enjoyable and just plain amusing.
In Israel certain apps are, well, kind of vital. In a life and death kind of way.
That’s because of the various Palestinian Arab governments. There are two at the moment, who hate each other only marginally less than they hate Jews. Both Palestinian Arab governments are engaged in a barrage of constant genocidal attacks on civilian Jews. In schools, kindergartens, hospitals, at home, at work.
This short video explains just how important certain apps are if you happen to be a Jew. And want the privilege of being allowed to live. Because it’s difficult to live while rockets made by Islamist Iran, fired by Islamist Gazans, but funded by the EU and UN, rain down on Israeli civilians.

Still happy that your country’s government is continuing to pay its membership dues to the UN, which unconditionally rewards Palestinian Arab intransigence and terror with official recognition and political support in the UN?