Why Hamas, why now?

Many people wonder why it is that Hamas chose this particular time to escalate a situation that they cannot possibly militarily win.
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There is an answer that seems to have escaped the experts: Iran is a very short way away from completing the embedding of its nuclear programme. The mullahs need something to take the heat off Tehran. Raising the pressure in Syria, allowing it to spill over into the Lebanon and the Golan, is one part of the Iranian diversion.
The main diversion, however, is a massive, all-encompassing war, not a mere battle, between Israel and Iran’s Hamas proxies at a safe distance away from Tehran. It needs to be a long-drawn-out affair, with Iranian-made rockets fired by Islamist Hamas into Jerusalem, where they risk destroying the al-Aqsa mosque, because that will further inflame the situation and focus attention away from the Iranian nuclear programme.
Hopefully Jerusalem, Washington, London, Berlin and Paris all have their multifocals on and have the ability to look at both pictures simultaneously. Otherwise today’s events are going to pale into insignificance compared to what’s coming tomorrow, once the Iranian nuclear programme is safely entrenched deep underground.
The people of Gaza are being deliberately sacrificed by the Iranians via their Hamas proxies. The potential for the destruction of revered Islamic holy sites by Islamist Iranian rockets fired by Islamist Gazans just ratchets it up still further – and this bitter irony seems to have totally escaped the mainstream media.
Islamism is truly a global political problem, one that needs to be crushed for the benefit of Islam, not least.
UPDATE 17th November 2012:
WND carried this highly relevant article that dovetails very well with the above blog posting: