Sudan elected to UN Human Rights Council!

No, this isn’t a joke in extremely poor taste.
This is how divorced the UN is from reality: it elects  – SUDAN! – onto the UN Human Rights Council.
Sudan is one of the world’s worst serial human rights abusers.
Read here what Human Rights Watch has to say about Sudan.
And see the video below – everyday routine in Sudan. Which is now on the global Council for Human Rights. The Council that a country like the USA had to fight to get onto, the Council that a country like Sweden couldn’t get onto!
Talk about setting a fox to mind the geese…
Meantime we UN member states continue to pay in our billions of dollars in fees to the UN like good little law-abiding citizens. All so that the UN representatives can elect human rights abusers to high office, pay fat UN bureaucrats fat salaries while infrastructure in our own countries continues to be ignored and slides into decay.
It really is time to withdraw from the UN, and to create a new organisation – membership open only to democracies.