How the Palestinian-Arab refugees came about…

… and why they are still classified as refugees 64 years later. No other group in the world is allowed to inherit refugee status, apart from the Palestinian Arabs. Watch this short animated film, which explains it all in perfect clarity. Now test your knowledge: UN refugee agency UNHCR vs UN refugee agency UNRWA.

The Islamist onslaught on Israel has ended – for now

Hostilities between Gaza’s Islamist Hamas regime and the Jewish state ended as they began. With Hamas dictating the pace. Hamas started the conflict by raining missiles on Israeli civilians. And after the ceasefire went into effect, Hamas fired up to 20 missiles at Ashkelon, Sderot, Sha’ar Ha’Negev, Kiryat Malachi and Ashdod. That’s the latest “ceasefire” […]

Egypt's Dilemma

Until a week ago, the question in everyone’s mind bearing in mind Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions was “When will Israel attack Iran?” Well, Iran surprised everyone by instead attacking Israel, using Iranian rockets assembled in Gaza and fired by Hamas. Now the question is what is Israel’s most powerful neighbour, Egypt, likely to do? To […]

"Israel has no right to exist"

On Saturday 17th November a demonstration was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, to protest against Israel, its existence, and its right to defy Arab dhimmitude by daring to defend itself. Visit the following link to see an excellent photo reportage by Bertil Adania, who blogs  at Utsiktspunkten”: The explanatory texts may be in Swedish, but […]

Restoring symmetry in Gaza

Israel is fighting an asymmetrical war against Gaza’s Islamist rulers. Hamas fires mostly dirt-cheap 50-dollar rockets that cause mass terror in Israel and multi-billion dollar disruption to the Jewish state’s economic, social and psychological welfare. Israel replies with hugely expensive state-of-the-art weaponry, specifically pinpointing the sources of Hamas missile fire and the stockpiles of rockets. […]

Sudan elected to UN Human Rights Council!

No, this isn’t a joke in extremely poor taste. Unfortunately. This is how divorced the UN is from reality: it elects  – SUDAN! – onto the UN Human Rights Council. Sudan is one of the world’s worst serial human rights abusers. Read here what Human Rights Watch has to say about Sudan. And see the video […]