Swedish FM Carl Bildt talks about "immaturity"!

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has made a career out of protecting Islamists, using Swedish taxpayer funds to jet off to photo-ops with terror supporters, and shielding Islamists from the fallout of their own actions. Most recently Carl Bildt was the only EU foreign minister to block heightened economic sanctions against Iran, whose regime openly […]

Announcing The EU Humour Awards

Let’s see now: The EU has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The EU has received the Nobel Peace Prize because it did NOTHING to end Turkey’s illegal and continuing 40-year occupation of the northern half of EU member state Cyprus. The EU has received the Nobel Peace Prize because it did NOTHING to terminate […]

Has the entire Swedish media industry gone to sleep?

Wake up Swedish media!!! Hello, are you there, Swedish media? Where’s your usual outrage, your columns and pages of criticism? The smuggling tunnels leading from Sinai into the Gaza Strip – you know, the tunnels that are an absolute “lifeline” for “saving the lives” of a “starving” people in “the world’s biggest concentration camp” – […]

Antisemitism in Malmö, Sweden

 A snapshot of Sweden today. Watch this film – it shows a small part of the reality that is Sweden today: the anti-Semitism, the increasingly strident and open Islamist hostility towards Jews, the political silence, the media collusion, and the increasingly embattled situation for this country’s Jewish minority. Malmö, southern Sweden, 2012: the Jews are […]