Wear a kippa – but only with police protection

Sweden is a remarkable country. In many ways the envy of Europe, not least for one of its most famous sons Raoul Wallenberg, its vaunted social welfare program and its industrial successes of the recent past, yet haunted by the murders of its prime minister Olof Palme and foreign minister Anna Lindh. And by its […]

From Sweden with Hatred

The following article was first published in The Times of Israel on August 28, 2012. Thanks to the editors for their kind permission to republish it here. The “Estelle” is a Swedish boat sailing to the coast of Gaza, part of a mostly publicly-funded “Ship to Gaza” propaganda project. On Saturday 18th August a dangerous […]

EU "logic"

The EU’s Mideast Policy: Land that at some stage in history made up the Kingdom of Israel is not part of Israel. Land that even in recent history did not belong to Arabs is not part of Israel. Land that never in history belonged to Arabs is also not part of Israel. You’ve got to […]

Ship to Gaza: The latest Scandinavian stunt?

A version of the following op-ed without hyperlinks was published in the Jerusalem Post on August 14, 2012. Here is the article with hyperlinks for reference purposes. You’ve got to hand it to the publicly funded Scandinavian pro-Hamas and anti-Israel lobby that goes by the name of “Ship to Gaza”. They sure know how to […]

Egypt: "There is no Palestine!"

Following Sunday’s bloody Islamist slaughter that left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead, Egypt’s patience with the extremist Hamas regime of Gaza and with the Palestinian Arabs in general has evaporated. “There is nothing called Palestine, Palestinians are traitors!” shouts an Egyptian to widespread public applause. See the video below. Only well-paid, impeccably attired bureaucrats peddling their […]

Pallywash in a theatre near you

In Syria, where the country’s Muslim dictator is slaughtering his own citizens on a massive scale, the fatalities now total around 20,000. In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia women are routinely murdered in what are euphemistically called “honour killings” after they have been brutally raped, surprisingly often by members of […]

What's new in Egypt?

Whither Egypt? With Egyptian secular ruler Hosni Mubarak long gone, replaced by Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood ruler Mohammed Morsi; with strict Islamic Sharia law in the ascendancy and indigenous Coptic Christians fleeing their ancestral home in droves; with an economy in shambles and deteriorating on a daily basis, where exactly is Egypt headed? For an insight into […]

Why Muslims Hate Jews

Nonie Darwish reveals frightening core issues in her latest analysis “Why Muslims Must Hate Jews”. Her analysis reveals a process and a psyche that the West routinely chooses to ignore owing to its obsession with Political Correctness. She writes: “In the eyes of Mohammed and Muslims, the mere existence of the Jewish people, let alone […]

The IOC disgrace

What does it take for well-paid (from public coffers) IOC officials to take a stance in favour of common decency and humanity? When will IOC officials choose right over evil? Apparently, never. Guri Weinberg, son of the Israeli athlete who was brutally tortured, castrated and murdered in the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists aided by […]