Entertainment, Egyptian style

It’s just so great to know that the Egyptians are at peace with Israel.
This video from MEMRI-TV shows the kind of raw anti-Semitism that passes for “entertainment” in Egypt’s Al Nahar TV. Beating up women, threatening them with guns and making coarse racist comments is all regarded as hugely funny – if the recipients of this treatment are understood to be Jews.
This is Candid Camera – Egyptian style. Note the warm applause at the end of the episode. The show is immensely popular in Egypt.
Wait now for the howl of protest from Human Rights Watch, the US (which hugely funds Egypt’s day-to-day operations), the EU (ditto), Amnesty International whose claim to fame is that it fights for the human dignity of all people equally.
But don’t wait too long, you’re not going to hear anything.
Of course, in the civilised world indictments for racism and incitement would already have been served, but this is the Islamist Arab world we’re talking about and US President Barack Hussein Obama, who has visited Islamist Cairo but not Jewish Jerusalem, assures us that Islam is a religion of peace and that we are definitely NOT facing a clash of civilisations.
Ah well, we can all relax then.