Muddying the waters

Islamists are on the march globally, so the world’s attention has to be forcibly focused elsewhere while the forces of Islamism manoeuvre into place.
In Mali, Islamists are desecrating and destroying Muslim (!) shrines. Of course, in Iraq the killing of Shiite Muslims by Sunnis and the slaughter of Sunni Muslims by Shiites is routine. As indeed it is in Lebanon.
In Egypt, the country’s Christian Copts are beginning to pack their bags as the Muslim Brotherhood slips into office and readies itself to curtail civic freedom for Christians, women (read how one woman was beaten to death for voting against Muslim Brotherhood candidate, now President, Mursi) and political opponents. Islam expert Robert Spencer writes eloquently about the current spate of “Stealth Jihad“. Of course, Egypt is not the only Muslim country where women are treated as less than human, read here how a girls’ school was blown up in Pakistan because it is considered “immoral” for girls to get an education.
In Syria, where the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad has thus far slaughtered 14,000 of his own citizens, the world has apparently learned some interesting lessons after having its fingers badly burned by both Libya and Egypt, where Islamists are now firmly entrenched: however monstrous the Assad regime is – and there is no doubt whatsoever as to the Syrian despot’s bestiality – the world at large is not keen on using diplomatic and/or military force to oust him because there too the outcome will be an Islamist regime that is even worse. Get it right: the EU and US may be paying lip service to their affront against China and Russia for supporting Assad diplomatically and militarily, but behind the scenes they are genuinely relieved that those two countries are taking the steps needed to prevent Syria from going Islamist.
Islamist along the lines of the genocidal Hizbollah in Lebanon, the genocidal Hamas in Gaza, the genocidal Ahmadinejad in Iran and the genocidal Erdogan in Turkey (his nation has already committed two genocides to which the Turks refuse to own up, against the Kurds and against the Armenians). These are all dedicated Islamists who admire the “successes” of the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda everywhere.
Because world attention has been focusing for more than a year now on one Islamic atrocity after another, and Islamists need time and peace of mind to move securely into place, it has been decided that the world deserves other, more “pressing” issues to focus on.
Enter that tired old chestnut – the “most pressing conflict in the world” – the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Or, to give it its correct designation, the pan-Arab Islamic war of attrition by 23 Arab and 52 Muslim states against the world’s sole Jewish state.
It is no coincidence that we are suddenly seeing a coordinated flurry of activity on the international stage, all happening at the same time and all focusing on the one and the same thing: delegitimisation of Israel. Not for nothing do we have the media spotlight trained on the exhumation of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat’s body – the intention being to “prove” that he did not die of HIV/AIDS as is widely claimed but instead by polonium poisoning administered by – you guessed it: the Jews. Here’s what Suha Arafat, Yasser’s widow and multi-billionaire (the Palestinian refugees are the biggest recipients of UN and EU financial aid per capita the world has ever known) has to say about it.
The Swedes don’t want to be any worse than their goddess Suha: Sweden’s publicly funded lobby group “Ship to Gaza” is embarking on a new summer cruise to Gaza, in a ship they have evocatively christened “Estelle” – the name of Crown Princess Victoria’s baby daughter. All the more to provoke strong feeling when “the Jews” board the ship as it sails towards the Hamas terrorist enclave in Gaza. The claimed purpose of the voyage is to bring aid to the “impoverished and subjugated” people of Gaza. If you want to see just how “impoverished” Gaza is (Gaza is also referred to by the Palestinians and their collaborators as “the biggest concentration camp in the world”), this is how Hamas markets Gaza as a luxury tourist destination. Financial aid from the EU and UN (Bruce Bawer labels them “UN gangsters“), meantime, keeps pouring in day by day. If this is a concentration camp, I want to take up residence – as, I suspect, most citizens of EU countries and all citizens of UN countries (that’s the whole world, folks) will. After all, we’re paying for it. Every single day, via the funding your government withdraws from domestic infrastructure and instead gives to the Palestinian Arabs.
The West still sees itself as fighting a pitched battle against “terrorists”, rather like the static trench warfare of World War One. Islamism, meantime, is not engaged in one solitary battle but in a multi-pronged attack that is part of a cohesive war plan, fighting on several fronts at the same time. Western blindness, the fatal disease of political correctness, is well on the way to securing an Islamist victory.
It is time to wake up.