Why suddenly so quiet, Aftonbladet and Donald Boström?

The term “blood money” has taken on a new meaning.

The blood of homeless Arab children is being sold for money.

A disgusting case of exploitation of society’s weakest that ought to make massive headlines with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, with a large number of articles penned by self-styled journalist Donald Boström.

But no. Their silence is compact – and embarrassing.

You see, the perpetrators of this disgrace are Arabs.

Not Jews. So no story.

Read the following for background on the anti-Jewish blood libel pursued by Aftonbladet and Donald Boström:

Honest Reporting, Wall Street Journal, Jihad Watch, Honest Reporting, Paula Stern/Arutz 7, Aish, Barry Rubin, Assaf Wohl/Ynet

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