A few thoughts about naive western 'useful idiots'

Michael Coren aims a broadside at Danish terrorism supporter Andreas Ias and his collaborators and handlers.
Idiots who are happy to travel to an open, democratic country like Israel in order to incite riots. Whose (usually publicly funded) mission is to score cheap points thanks to an inherently lazy media corps, instead of going where they can truly do some good – like Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Turkey. Don’t forget that Turkey is the country that imprisons more journalists and free-thinkers than any other country on earth.
Neither do these idiots consider protesting against organisations that truly need to be placed in the limelight, such as Hizbollah in the Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, al-Shabab in Somalia.
Incidentally, examine that list of countries and organisations given above. Do you detect a pattern?
Well, these idiots apparently don’t see that what unites all these countries and organisations is their dedication to Islamism – a violent political doctrine sheltering behind a shield of religion. And therefore untouchable in this era of Political Correctness gone mad. Useful idiots indeed!