The picture pro-Palestinian collaborators did NOT publish on YouTube

ISM and the other violent Palestinian fanatics are highly selective. They select the Jewish state – and only the Jewish state – for offensive treatment. There is a term for this kind of behaviour: it’s called anti-Semitism. They select only Jewish soldiers on whom to commit violent attacks – at the same time as they […]

Why suddenly so quiet, Aftonbladet and Donald Boström?

The term “blood money” has taken on a new meaning. The blood of homeless Arab children is being sold for money. A disgusting case of exploitation of society’s weakest that ought to make massive headlines with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, with a large number of articles penned by self-styled journalist Donald Boström. But no. Their silence […]

A few thoughts about naive western 'useful idiots'

Michael Coren aims a broadside at Danish terrorism supporter Andreas Ias and his collaborators and handlers. Idiots who are happy to travel to an open, democratic country like Israel in order to incite riots. Whose (usually publicly funded) mission is to score cheap points thanks to an inherently lazy media corps, instead of going where they […]

Why isn’t there peace in and around Israel?

Pat Condell has the answers in the following video. And as usual the answers are glaringly obvious – so simple and straightforward that only career politicians and journalists could miss them. Some key quotes from the video: “The Arabs don’t hate Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because of Jews.” “The world needs to […]

Whither Egypt?

The one firm truth about the Middle East is that the truth changes with alarming speed and regularity. It all usually depends on which despot, regime, fanatic or extremist is in the ascendancy at any given moment, and which racist, mass-murderer, dictator or relgious theocracy has been deoposed or alternatively murdered its way to the […]

UN inaction costs lives by the thousands

But that doesn’t really matter – UN publicly funded salaries are still paid out regularly so what are a few thousand civilian lives in Syria in the wider financial context, after all? With something like 10,000 deaths in Syria – systematic regime massacres of civilians would be a more accurate description – already documented, the UN continues […]

A Strategic Environment in the Making

Writing for Stratfor, a provider of global geopolitical analysis, George Friedman penned a wide-ranging, nuanced and admirably detailed study of the current situation in Israel and the wider Middle East. His article is entitled “Israel’s New Strategic Environment”. His analysis is interesting, but flawed or at best incomplete in certain respects. One factor George Friedman […]