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The picture pro-Palestinian collaborators did NOT publish on YouTube

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

ISM and the other violent Palestinian fanatics are highly selective.

They select the Jewish state – and only the Jewish state – for offensive treatment. There is a term for this kind of behaviour: it’s called anti-Semitism.

They select only Jewish soldiers on whom to commit violent attacks – at the same time as they conscientiously avoid confronting Muslim soldiers from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt (not to mention the ‘brave freedom fighters’ of Hamas and Hizbollah) who trample the most elementary human rights of millions of Arab and Muslim citizens underfoot.

Last week some pro-Palestinian activists published a meticulously staged and strategically edited picture sequence showing an Israeli soldier, Shalom Eisner, hitting a Danish pro-Palestinian collaborator in the face with his rifle. The picture looked suitably dramatic. The Dane walked away with a smile, he was totally unharmed but the exciting footage had been captured. Job done!

See here a picture that shows what preceded that incident – and that was definitely NOT shown on YouTube or anywhere else. Writer Naomi Ragen happened to bump into Shalom Eisner while on a walk last weekend in Jerusalem, and saw that the officer’s fingers were in plaster as a result of having been attacked by the pro-Palestinian fanatics. A mere detail that just happened to have been missed by the entire media establishment – which gets its input directly from the pro-Palestinian extremists, no questions asked.

Why suddenly so quiet, Aftonbladet and Donald Boström?

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The term “blood money” has taken on a new meaning.

The blood of homeless Arab children is being sold for money.

A disgusting case of exploitation of society’s weakest that ought to make massive headlines with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, with a large number of articles penned by self-styled journalist Donald Boström.

But no. Their silence is compact – and embarrassing.

You see, the perpetrators of this disgrace are Arabs.

Not Jews. So no story.

Read the following for background on the anti-Jewish blood libel pursued by Aftonbladet and Donald Boström:

Honest Reporting, Wall Street Journal, Jihad Watch, Honest Reporting, Paula Stern/Arutz 7, Aish, Barry Rubin, Assaf Wohl/Ynet

A few thoughts about naive western ‘useful idiots’

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Michael Coren aims a broadside at Danish terrorism supporter Andreas Ias and his collaborators and handlers.

Idiots who are happy to travel to an open, democratic country like Israel in order to incite riots. Whose (usually publicly funded) mission is to score cheap points thanks to an inherently lazy media corps, instead of going where they can truly do some good - like Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Turkey. Don’t forget that Turkey is the country that imprisons more journalists and free-thinkers than any other country on earth.

Neither do these idiots consider protesting against organisations that truly need to be placed in the limelight, such as Hizbollah in the Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, al-Shabab in Somalia.

Incidentally, examine that list of countries and organisations given above. Do you detect a pattern?

Well, these idiots apparently don’t see that what unites all these countries and organisations is their dedication to Islamism – a violent political doctrine sheltering behind a shield of religion. And therefore untouchable in this era of Political Correctness gone mad. Useful idiots indeed!