Earthquake hits Turkish regime

The earthquake in Turkey has not only brought death and injury to the long-suffering Turkish people.
Among the earthquake’s victims is also the Turkisk regime’s attitude towards the Jewish state of Israel. Because now the Turkish regime has been forced to back down, submitting a request for emergency assistance.
Which Israel is more than willing to provide.
As indeed it should with any neighbour. Israel has previously assisted Turkey in the aftermath of various natural catastrophes, and the Turkish regime was one of the very first to offer – and indeed provide – much-needed assistance when northern Israel was afflicted by major forest fires a year ago. Despite the fact that relations between the two one-time allies have long been below freezing point thanks to the Turkish regime’s active assistance to terrorist organisations such as the Islamistic anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Hamas and Hizbollah.
That’s how things can turn out when idiot politicians stop jockeying for the limelight and instead look after their own people’s best interests – as is the case now that Turkey’s ruler Erdogan has requested and accepted the help his people need.
If the Israeli government were anything like the Turkish regime, it should charter a large ship – the Mavi Marmara comes to mind for some reason – and load it with all the “aid” that the IHH and other “aid organisations” sent to Gaza’s Hamas strongman Ismail Haniyeh. He famously refused to accept the cargo since the medicines were already out of date prior to their despatch and thus posed a health risk to the people of Gaza.
Thank goodness the Israelis are a sensible people and do not stoop to such posturing…
But perhaps the good people of Gaza may wish to repay the Turkish regime’s “generosity” and return the aid flotilla’s out-of-date-medicines and broken wheelchairs directly to Turkey’s Erdogan? Just think of the headline: “Aid flotilla from Gaza to Turkey”.
And it wouldn’t cost the Gazans a penny.