Hamas confirms it is a racist organisation

Hamas has finally come clean and confirmed what has long been obvious to everyone apart from the Western world’s terrorism apologists and PC-loonies: that Islamists are racists.
According to various reports, Hamas has agreed to free Gilad Shalit, the Israeli Jewish youngster kidnapped from Israel at the age of 19 and held incommunicado ever since. The terrorist organisation has agreed to release him in exchange for 1027 Islamists. Hamas thereby affirms that it takes no less than 1027 Islamists to equate to one single Jew. Talk about an inferiority complex…
And yet they have the gumption to label the Jewish state racist! Logic and Islamism – two mutually incompatible concepts.
The 1027 fanatical terrorists – of whom about one-third have life sentences for murder or mass-murder and whose victims were all innocent civilians – have been granted the full suite of customary privileges by Israel during their captivity: visits by their families, visits by the Red Cross, visits by Amnesty International, visits by lawyers, they have had free access to education and higher education during their incarceration – in short, everything done by the book in strict accordance with international legislation and the full set of ethical rules that govern humane behaviour in a civilised society.
Gilad Shalit, on the other hand, has not had any visits from his family. Or the Red Cross. Or Amnesty International. Indeed, those august bodies have not even demanded the right to visit him during his illegal incarceration. Nor has he been seen by a lawyer. Or by anyone else. In fact, Hamas is inordinately proud of the fact that Gilad Shalit has not even seen sunlight in all these past five years. Thus far the Islamists’ view of humane behaviour and civilised social mores – played out to the accompaniment of a deafening silence by the rest of the world even as that very same world opens its wallets to the Islamist rulers of Gaza.
So it would seem that Islamists are not just rabid racists by their own proud admission, they are also pig-greedy barbarians.
Nothing new of course to a reader with a modicum of intelligence, but apparently breathtakingly new to the media, EU, UN, the Church of Sweden, Diakonia, SIDA and all the other individuals and organisations that over the past five years have done everything in their power to aid and abet Hamas in Gaza at the same time as Gilad Shalit’s human rights have been trampled underfoot by the EU-financed military boots of proud Hamas terrorists.
Now let’s just hope that the Islamists in Gaza break with their long tradition and actually play straight, releasing Gilad Shalit.
After all, anything is possible – this time Hamas may even keep its word even though the organisation has signally failed to uphold a single previous agreement.
Here’s wishing Gilad Shalit a swift, safe and smooth return to civilisation and the best possible re-acclimatisation to a life of freedom with his family in Israel, the only free and liberal democracy in the entire Middle East.
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