The Great Palestinian Lie

There are few commentators and political observers who are more honest and to the point than Pat Condell.
On the subject of the “Palestinian struggle for independence” (that is to say, the Final Solution for Israel’s existence) here are some quotes from a recent video Pat Condell made:

  • The Arabs don’t hate Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because of Jews.
  • We need to tell the Arabs what they so badly need to hear: that their hatred is the cause of their misery. They’ve become prisoners of it. It’s come to define their very identity.
  • Until they can find a way to remove this ugly stain from their hearts, they’ll always be chained to it and they and their children will never be free – Arab Spring or no Arab Spring.

Watch the video below:

Watch, learn and spread to those who are wilfully blind and deaf and who make up for their intellectual shortcomings by nonetheless voicing their opinions in the press.