Earthquake hits Turkish regime

The earthquake in Turkey has not only brought death and injury to the long-suffering Turkish people. Among the earthquake’s victims is also the Turkisk regime’s attitude towards the Jewish state of Israel. Because now the Turkish regime has been forced to back down, submitting a request for emergency assistance. Which Israel is more than willing […]

No price too high

The Jewish state is experiencing mixed feelings today. In Israel today there is elation at the return of Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped from Israel at age 19 and held in indescribably inhumane conditions for five years by Islamist terror organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip. For five long years after his illegal abduction from […]

The Great Palestinian Lie

There are few commentators and political observers who are more honest and to the point than Pat Condell. On the subject of the “Palestinian struggle for independence” (that is to say, the Final Solution for Israel’s existence) here are some quotes from a recent video Pat Condell made: The Arabs don’t hate Jews because of […]