NATO to attack Hamas for targeting civilians

The UN has given NATO the brief to strike at Hamas terrorists after a barrage of more than 45 missiles fired from Gaza hit civilian targets inside Israel, critically injuring one student and wounding another civilian at a school in southern Israel.
NATO has been tasked with protecting the lives of civilian victims of the terror regime, in line with its identical brief in Libya, where Gaddafi’s terror regime has also been targeting civilians.
The NATO strike force is expected to consist of naval and air strike forces provided by a coalition of nations led by Sweden, with the assistance of British, French, Italian and US military assets.
In the wake of uprisings in much of the Middle East, the EU has taken an increasingly strident role in defending the human rights and democratic aspirations of civilians in the region, and has warned both Syria and Iran that they too can expect the same robust response if they continue to aid and abet dictatorial regimes with weapons, training, financing and ideological indoctrination.
Just one problem: None of the above happened – with the exception of the 45 Hamas missiles targeting civilians in Israel this afternoon – that’s unfortunately all too true. The EU and NATO, and even less so the US, have absolutely no intention of protecting civilian Israeli lives as they do of protecting civilian Libyan lives. Fanatical secular dictators deliberately targeting civilians in breach of UN legislation and the Geneva Conventions will be dealt with robustly – but only provided their victims are not Jews. It’s the fanatical Islamist dictators who are totally protected by the international bodies.
The EU, NATO, UN and the USA all seem utterly incapable of dealing even-handedly with secular mass-murderers and Islamist mass-murderers. They persist in making a non-existent and illogical distinction that is best described by Middle East analyst and commentator Benny Morris in his article entitled “The Islamic Reformation”, published in the National Interest.
It’s the old ugly selectivity once again rearing its head: one rule for the Jews, an entirely different yardstick for everyone else.
And THEN they start talking about Israeli “intransigence”…