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Ignoring what’s coming from the minaret

Friday, April 29th, 2011

In the topsy-turvy world in which we have been condemned to live by a cohort of spineless, unprincipled, unethical and partisan demagogues – and that’s just in the US and Europe, before we even get to the Arab and wider Muslim worlds – black is white, good is evil, right is wrong.

And above all: being blind and deaf is a virtue.


  1. Missiles being fired by a government over a period of ten (10) years from within civilian residential areas into a neighbouring country’s civilian residential areas merits not even a yawn in the US, EU or UN if the perpetrators are radical Jihadi Muslims and the victims are Jews.
  2.  Religious institutions can be blown up and worshippers slaughtered by the score over a period of decades and it merits not even a yawn in the US, EU or UN if the perpetrators are radical Jihadi Muslims and the victims are Buddhists in Afghanistan, Hindus in Saudi Arabia, Hindus in India, Hindus in Bangladesh, Christians in Iraq, Christians in Saudi Arabia (more here), Christians in Egypt, Christians in Ethiopia, Christians in Tanzania, Christians in Pakistan, Christians in Somalia, Christians in Gaza (more here and here), Christians in the Palestinian Authority and Jews just about anywhere.
  3.  But when the victims themselves are Muslims, and the perpetrators are other Muslims – Muslim governments and leaders with whom the US, EU and UN have been doing lucrative business for decades – then suddenly conventional wisdom no longer holds true. The Western world has for decades backed Egypt’s Mubarak knowing full well that he is a dictator little different from Libya’s Gaddafi, Turkey’s Erdogan, Assad’s Syria, Gaza’s Haniyeh or Hezbollah-Lebanon’s Nasrallah. But as long as their strident rhetoric and actions target Israel, the world’s sole Jewish state (view the brilliant tongue-in-cheek poster campaign by Elder of Ziyon which tears to shreds the bizarre suggestion that Israel is an “Apartheid State”) all is well with the West. It’s when such regimes start openly targeting their own citizens that interesting differences start to emerge.

To whit: Mubarak is abandoned in the blink of an eye despite being the West’s most loyal bulwark against the spread of aggressive, radical and global Islamism. He is diplomatically abandoned because he is victimising his own people. Gaddafi, on the other hand, is not only diplomatically abandoned, he is militarily targeted by NATO for the same reprehensible behaviour. And quite rightly too. But Syria – whose vicious crimes against its citizens cause the unrest in the rest of the Arab world to pale into insignificance – is specifically told that it will not see any form of robust action to deter its ongoing massive crimes against humanity. Nonetheless, the Syrian regime has been taught a severe lesson – its ambassador to London had his invitation to the royal wedding in London today withdrawn. The regime must be quaking in its boots. What other damaging reprisals can they expect – no sugar in their tea the next time they are invited to tea with the Queen?

Bear in mind all the time that Gaddafi owned up to and gave up his nuclear weapons capabilities and is being punished for his pains, and although one of Syria’s facilities was disabled by Israel a few years ago there are indications that the rogue Arab regime has additional nuclear facilities within its extensive borders. Iran, which routinely murders its citizens if they aspire to democracy, women’s rights, Christianity, and political opposition, brutally put down massive nationwide unrest by citizens demanding freedom – while the Western world stayed resolutely silent. Iran is rapidly developing nuclear weapons capabilities, and has sworn to destroy the Jewish state. Do the math.

A few interesting insights emerge from an analysis of the above anomalies:

  1. Secular Muslim regimes are being systematically torn apart by a Western world totally out of its depth in the ongoing political and demographic changes sweeping the region.
  2. Radical Islamic regimes are being cosseted by the West in a misguided belief that this will buy them freedom from subsequent destruction at the hands of radical Islam.
  3. No Western state is willing to identify the root of the evil as Islamism itself, even though it is obvious that it is here and nowhere else that the cause of the world’s current malaise is to be found. The West’s political echelon is blind and deaf to the very real and very rapidly expanding dangers of Islamism, pretending all the while that it is behaving with impeccable political correctness in a world where everyone respects one another.
  4. Those Arab and Muslim regimes that are geographically closest to Israel are allowed to go unhindered about their radical business, while in the less malignant regimes in the Arab world (everything is relative) that are more geographically distant from Israel, regime change is being actively supported by the West – even though the radical, Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood is waiting in the wings in these countries.

To find out just what the Muslim and Arab mindsets are all about and to understand their view of history and their hopes for the future, read the excellent Four Myths about the Crusades by Paul F. Crawford. Among much else, he spotlights the West’s woeful inability to separate fact from fiction and decries the self-effacing way in which the West is committing collective suicide.

“nothing is served by distorting the past for our own purposes. Or rather: a great many things may be served . . . but not the truth. Distortions and misrepresentations of the crusades will not help us understand the challenge posed to the West by a militant and resurgent Islam, and failure to understand that challenge could prove deadly. Indeed, it already has.”

Paul F. Crawford

Passover, the Exodus of reason and UN-financed Arab violence

Monday, April 18th, 2011

With more than 12,000 mortar shells as well as Kassam, Katyusha and Grad rockets fired by Gaza’s Hamas government at civilian targets in Israel over the past eight years, the constant bombardment is finally being brought to the attention of the world powers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the only US public figure to consistently use public funds to block legitimate scrutiny of his birth certificate, the current incumbent of the White House Barack Hussein Obama, recently published an op-ed in a number of newspapers.

In it they wrote “Our duty and our mandate under (the) UN Security Council Resolution is to protect civilians, and we are doing that.

The International Criminal Court is rightly investigating the crimes committed against civilians and the grievous violations of international law.”

Finally, some straight talk.

Human Rights Watch also expressed its concern about the firing of missiles – both Grad rockets and mortar shells – from within civilian areas into other civilian areas:

One strike, apparently by a Grad rocket, killed at least eight civilians … Another attack, apparently with a mortar round, hit a medical clinic, wounding four others.

At least 16 civilians have been killed in indiscriminate attacks,” according to Human Rights Watch, which bases its report on witness and survivor eyewitness accounts, as well as inspections of impact sites.

HRW continues: “Government forces have repeatedly fired mortars and Grad rockets into residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties,” according to Peter Bouckaert, the organisation’s emergencies director.

And he has more to say: “The Soviet-made Grad in particular is one of the world’s most inaccurate rocket systems and should never be fired in areas with civilians.”

In an unprecedented step, Human Rights Watch even interviewed four witnesses to the attacks and visited seven impact sites – a high-risk undertaking bearing in mind the constant barrage of missiles launched into civilian areas, reporting: “All of the witnesses said they had not seen or heard fighting in the neighborhood at the time of the attack … Human Rights Watch saw no discernible military targets when visiting the neighborhood.

No side … should use the indiscriminate Grad in or near areas where there are civilians,” reiterated Bouckaert.

With more than 12,000 missiles fired by the Hamas government regime into exclusively civilian areas, it is no wonder that international figures such as Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama and NGOs such as Human Rights Watch are taking such a strong stance on this human rights disgrace.

There is however a problem.

None of this relates to the fundamentalist Islamist Hamas regime in Gaza that has (a) consistently brutalised its own population, throwing political dissidents off roofs of tall buildings, burning churches and executing gays and (b) has fired more than 12,000 missiles into civilian communities in southern Israel over a period of eight (8) years.

It relates instead to the three (3) weeks that secular Libyan dictator Gaddafi has been fighting to retain hegemony over Libya.

At this time of Pesach (Passover) when Jews the world over are recalling the Exodus from Egypt and their escape from a regime that brutalised them almost to extinction, it is interesting to note that in 2011, the problems are still very much the same:

Brutal political despots, global politics and crass economic gain all interlocking to ignore the human element. What’s unacceptable when the targets are Arab civilians living in oil-rich Libya – prompting world powers to act diplomatically, economically and militarily – warrants nary a comment when exactly the same brutality targets Jewish civilians in Israel, which has no oil.

Of course, it may be nothing at all to do with oil. It may simply be that Israel is the world’s sole Jewish state, whereas Libya is one of 53 Muslim states. With another two Muslim states-in-waiting eager to join the UN: Fatahstan in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, and Hamasstan in the Gaza Strip.

It’s important to take people at their word. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama and the righteous folks at HRW mean it when they declare their undying support for Libyans suffering 3 weeks of rocket and mortar attacks – almost 100 such missiles by all accounts. And they mean it equally fervently when they have nothing to say about Israelis suffering eight years of attacks with identical rockets and mortars – 12,000 missiles thus far.

Here’s someone else to take at their word. Here’s what the Fatah and Hamas Palestinian Arabs – they’re the ones who want to create Muslim states numbers 54 and 55 in Judea/Samaria and Gaza respectively – have to say about their intended Judenrein ethnically cleansed states of Palestine 2 and Palestine 3 (Palestine 1 has been in existence since 1922, known first as Transjordan, then renamed Jordan in 1950. Seventy percent (70%) of Jordan’s population is Palestinian Arab). Their aim is to eradicate and replace the entire state of Israel. The translation comes courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Note that this is children’s TV. It is no wonder that children growing up on this diet feel not only encouraged but positively commanded to kill three-month old babies asleep in their cots for the crime of being Jewish.

In the meantime, while you were watching the short clip above, another rocket fired by the Hamas government in Gaza landed among civilians in Israel. The thunder with which it exploded in civilian Israeli territory was matched only by the thunderous silence of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Hussein Obama and Human Rights Watch.

For day by day, month by month, year by year documentation of all the human rights abuses of the Gaza Arabs via their mass indiscriminate bombing campaign against Israel’s Jews, read here. Now match this list with the list of protests by British, French and US governments over the years, and campaigns by HRW to draw attention to this documented human rights disgrace.

A word of caution: you’ll have to search hard to find evidence of these EU, US and HRW protests. Very hard indeed. Because they don’t exist.

The Palestinians don’t lie

Friday, April 8th, 2011

The Palestinian Arabs and their collaborators in the West don’t lie.

At least, not always.

Yesterday they fired 48 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel. One of their anti-tank missiles deliberately targeted a school bus, critically injuring one schoolchild.

Today so far they have fired 18 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel.

This is entirely in line with established, documented, and openly declared official Palestinian policy.

The Palestinian Arabs are not lying when they say their aim is twofold: Their first aim is to ethnically cleanse all Palestinian Arab territory of Jews. This has already been achieved in the Palestinian Hamas state of Gaza, which is totally judenrein with the exception of the illegally incarcerated Israeli Gilad Schalit, who was kidnapped from inside Israel 5 years ago while still in his teens. Ethnic cleansing is also proudly declared as official “state” policy by President Mahmoud Abbas for his hoped-for Palestinian Fatah state in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria. Not only that, the Palestinian President has also refused to recognise Israel as a Jewish state.

Well, that truth needs to be qualified. In actual fact, there are two Palestinian “Presidents” just as there are two “Palestines”, one in Gaza and the other in Judea & Samaria – in addition to the already existing and internationally recognised Palestinian state of Jordan, which has its own President. Confused? You should be – little about official Palestinian Arab policy makes sense to civilised and democratic minds.

The second aim of the Palestinian Arabs is to erase the entire state of Israel.

Hear the Palestinians and their collaborators say so in their own words, and see their actions for yourself. Here is a short film entitled “The Palestinian Wall of Lies”. They may be lying as part of their tactics, but they are being perfectly open about their wishes and goals and the tools they use. Pay particular attention to their chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free”. It’s a chant with worldwide reverberation, from London to New Jersey to San Francisco. And it’s no lie – it’s what they want, advertise and finance. In plain English, the destruction of the sovereign Jewish state of Israel.

Lies? What lies? The Palestinian Arabs and their collaborators are being perfectly honest about their intentions.