Here are the facts, draw your own conclusions

Few comments, more facts. Read, absorb, and draw your own conclusions as to where humanity is to be found and where systematic, government-sanctioned and EU-financed brutality is the order of the day.
Tundra Tabloids has an interview with sergeant Edi Itelman, the Israeli military paramedic who came to the village of Itamar in the disputed territories after the Palestinian massacre of five members of the Israeli Fogel family – mother, father and three children aged 11, 3 and just 3 months.
An article was published a few days ago on this blog analysing how the UN and the world at large respond to two vicious tyrannical regimes, those of Hamas and Gaddafi, both of which systematically attack civilians, deny human rights and crush all aspirations of democracy. Explain the difference if you can.
Yet again today missiles are raining down on Israeli civilians, despatched by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. To understand how internal political rivalries between the two biggest Palestinian terrorist organisations, Fatah and Hamas, by definition always cause the spilling of Jewish blood in a kind of barbaric Middle Ages ritual, read the following article by Jonathan S. Tobin in Commentary Magazine. To widen the perspective and see how the West is set to sacrifice Israel for the UN’s strategic mistake in attacking the tyrannical but secular Gaddafi regime in Libya, only to have it replaced by a tyrannical but radical Islamist regime, read “Just Whom is the US Backing in Libya” by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and also “A Terrible Resonance” by Melanie Phillips writing in Spectator.
To understand where the weapons are coming from – and why – read about Iran’s supplies of increasingly sophisticated weaponry to both Hizbollah north of Israel and Hamas south of Israel.
And finally this blog post concludes with news of yet another rescue mission carried out by Israeli military paramedics, this one also in the disputed territories, but with the crucial difference that this time Israeli military paramedic corporal Haim Levine succeeded in saving the lives of both the Palestinian Arab mother and her infant daughter, who was named “Jude” in a gesture of gratitude to the Jewish Israelis who saved her life. This incident took place during “Israeli Apartheid Week” – the 14-day “week” (!) of hate-mongering against the Jewish state that seems to occupy many tiny minds in the West but that local Palestinian Arabs will not touch with a barge-pole. The local Palestinians prefer instead to give birth to their babies in Jewish settlements in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria while Israel Apartheid Week rages everywhere else apart from in Israel and the disputed territories. Go figure.
Interesting contrasts: Palestinian Arabs who ritually slaughter sleeping Jewish infants by severing their heads from their torsos, Israeli military personnel who save the lives of Palestinian Arab women and infants. Both within a few hours of each other, both within a couple of kilometres of each other in the disputed territories. Missiles raining down on Jewish Israeli civilians, Jewish Israeli civilians flying to Japan to assist the victims of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami.
How difficult is it really to choose sides in civilisation’s struggle for survival? Anyone who still doubts what conclusions they should draw?