"Occupation" in the Middle East becomes "self-defence" in India

India’s President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on a visit to Syria that India recognizes Syria’s “legitimate right” to the Golan Heights. The Indian president’s host, Syrian dictator Bashar el-Assad, who inherited the Syrian regime from his father Hafez el-Assad, went on to bemoan “the sufferings of the Palestinian people, blockaded by an apartheid wall”. Assad […]

Soon the whole world will be one gigantic mosque

It’s what’s known as the Caliphate. Recently a unilateral decision was taken by UNESCO, yet another of these myriad UN organisations owned and operated by pan-Islamist interests, to classify Rachel’s Tomb in Hebron in the Judean Hills as a mosque. You didn’t read wrong – history can be rewritten at will. Provided, of course, it […]