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“Occupation” in the Middle East becomes “self-defence” in India

Monday, November 29th, 2010

India’s President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on a visit to Syria that India recognizes Syria’s “legitimate right” to the Golan Heights.

The Indian president’s host, Syrian dictator Bashar el-Assad, who inherited the Syrian regime from his father Hafez el-Assad, went on to bemoan “the sufferings of the Palestinian people, blockaded by an apartheid wall”.

Assad failed to mention, of course, that India has built a several thousand kilometre long “apartheid wall” to keep out Pakistani “militants” from the world’s largest democracy, India. More than 80 percent of this security barrier has been constructed in “disputed” territory which Pakistan “demands”.

Does the vocabulary sound terribly familiar – but the context does not?

It is obviously time for Israel to follow India’s lead and express itself in equally forthright terms: demand an end to the Indian occupation of Kashmir, the tearing down the Indian apartheid wall and the return of occupied Kashmir to its rightful owners, Islamist Pakistan.

After all, friends can be equally forthright with one another, surely?

Solving the Middle East problem

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

“What problem?” you may well ask.

Bearing in mind the abysmal failure of politicians, the media and religious leaders even to correctly identify the nature of the problem, it is refreshing to see a concise, objective and easy to understand analysis of the origin, nature and resolution of the problem.

Five minutes and 58 seconds is all it takes to correctly understand what it’s all about, thanks to this excellent video by Dennis Prager.

It is all so absurdly simple, only the political, media and religious establishment could possibly fail to understand it.

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Ilya Meyer: Soon the whole world will be one gigantic mosque

Soon the whole world will be one gigantic mosque

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s what’s known as the Caliphate.

Recently a unilateral decision was taken by UNESCO, yet another of these myriad UN organisations owned and operated by pan-Islamist interests, to classify Rachel’s Tomb in Hebron in the Judean Hills as a mosque.

You didn’t read wrong – history can be rewritten at will. Provided, of course, it is the UN that is at the keyboard and obeying the commands of Islamism.

Judaism, a religion that is at least 1600 years older than Islam, has always regarded Hebron as its most important religious site, closely followed by Jerusalem. This is because Judaism’s matriarch Rachel is buried in Hebron. Hence the name of the site in Hebrew, which is literally “Rachel’s Cave”. Hebron is thus the source, the soul, the very symbol of both the age-old Jewish religion and the modern reincarnation of the Jewish state of Israel as an independent nation.

Back in the 1400s, however, a new religion called Islam developed in the faraway desert sands of Arabia. The Arabian Muslims invaded and occupied a massive swathe of land in a crescent that took in everything from modern-day Turkey, down along the Mediterranean coast and all along the north of Africa, along with enormous tracts of the hinterland both east and south of the Mediterranean (and for a number of years also large areas of Continental Europe). These Muslim invaders did not like the Jews. Their descendants flooded most of the area east of the Mediterranean Sea, most recently through mass immigration just a few decades ago looking for jobs created by Jews in the Yishuv, the precursor to the planned state of Israel. These immigrant Arabs decided to call themselves Palestinians and make a bid for national status of their own.

This the UN agreed to, as indeed did the Jewish state of Israel. But the Arabs didn’t, because their interest was not in having yet another Arab state, Palestine – instead, their aim was to deny the rights and very existence of the Jewish state of Israel.

So today’s Palestinians, eagerly supported by the entire Arab and Muslim worlds, have coerced UNESCO to rewrite history and rename Judaism’s Rachel’s Tomb, labelling it a Muslim mosque.

Even though the religion of Islam did not even come into being for another 1400 years after Rachel died and was buried in her tomb in Hebron…

That’s how pathetically idiotic things can be when Political Correctness, the fastest-growing religion in the world, gets to decide the agenda.

To see a far from politically correct but absolutely spot-on analysis of this farcical process, in which black can be called white, up becomes down and front can be renamed back, see the following video clip from world-renowned Latma-TV, the immensely funny Israeli satirical programme that directs its sharp wit at up-to-the-minute current affairs.

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