When silence drowns out the cacophony

A priest far in the Christian religious periphery, with a mere 50 followers grouped in one single country – the USA – announced his intention to set fire to a couple of copies of the Koran. But he didn’t actually do it. At the same time – or to be more accurate long, long before […]

Amnesty International's Public Apology

Remember Amnesty International Finland’s Frank Johansson? He’s the scurrilous individual whose salary is paid out of public donations, who a few months back used such choice expressions as “scum state” when referring to Israel. The Tundra Tabloids blog brought the matter to the attention of the world and pursued it in a variety of ways, […]

The Jewish Community of Sweden 2010

Watch the following film for an up-to-the-minute insight into the situation of the Jews in Sweden, the source of anti-Semitism in this country and how it is possible for populist extreme-Left politicians to make the most outrageous demands on Jews – and only Jews – while pandering to the increasingly aggressive onslaught of the Islamists […]