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What’s most troubling?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

It is amazing how our politicians, journalists and social commentators choose what troubles them and what doesn’t even deserve a mention.

The 2010 Göteborg Book Fair – the 26th such event and one of the largest of its kind in Europe – came to an end on Sunday September 26. The theme this year was Africa – spotlighting African writers and African culture. Here’s how the organisers of this excellent, well-attended, popular and highly renowned international event describe the annual event: “The Book Fair is a four day long literary festival. The many stages and over 800 exhibitors’ stands host meetings between writers, Nobel Prize winners, publishers and booklovers who explore the power of the written word together.”

Scarcely controversial, in fact entirely laudable.

But as usual it’s spoiled by that perpetual Jew-baiting, Israel-bashing and anti-US virus that seems to have successfully invaded every forum, every workplace, every media site – and every book fair. A quick look at the Islamic Alhambra publishing house’s stand reveals no less than six titles claiming that no Muslims were involved in the 9/11 attacks, that world Jewry/Israel/the US/three-headed aliens from Jupiter were actually behind the attacks. Six books – that’s about 5 to 8 percent of the titles on display on the stand.

Then there was a stand dedicated solely to convincing book fair visitors of the right of Palestinian Arabs to take over the State of Israel, part of the terrorism-linked Ship to Gaza propaganda drive. What on earth any of this has to do with spotlighting African literature or “writers, Nobel Prize winners, publishers and booklovers who explore the power of the written word” is beyond the ken of anyone with a modicum of intelligence and common sense. And there must have been an awful lot of sensible, intelligent visitors attending the book fair this year because both these stands were virtually empty for most of the time. People have come to the realisation that the way ahead – whether at a book fair or elsewhere – is not via corruption, threats, violence, bombings, the destruction of churches and synagogues, and unlimited massive donations of international tax dollars and euros to a culture that has systematically refused to encourage its people to work and achieve but instead to sit and demand. The empty stands spoke volumes.

There were no loud protests, however, against Alhambra’s books, no loud protests against the Ship to Gaza stand and the underlying demand that Jews and Israelis be killed to satisfy some sort of Palestinian Arab macho culture that is not so macho as to embrace the concept of actually working for a living. Nonetheless, the silence that surrounded these two stands spoke clearly, which was extremely gratifying to note.

However, there is another silence that is very worrying. It can all be summarised in the following Dry Bones cartoon.

Thanks to Yaakov Kirschen who runs the Dry Bones blog.

Our politicians and media are not troubled over the judenrein, ethnically cleansed, apartheid state that the Palestinian Authority (PA) demands the right to build – with US, European, UN and other international assistance and financing. But there is uproar because Jews want to build in their own nation – a nation whose borders will never be defined as long as the PA refuses to recognise the Jewish nation or indeed its population’s right to live and breathe.

Just what does this say about our political leaders and media commentators?

For a wider perspective, read the analysis of an African analyst, politician and commentator, Aayan Hirsi Ali: “How To Win The Clash Of Civilisations” first published in the Wall Street Journal. Aayan Hirsi Ali also established the AHA Foundation, which works to protect the lives of women vulnerable to Islamism both in the Muslim worlds and in the West.

When silence drowns out the cacophony

Friday, September 17th, 2010

A priest far in the Christian religious periphery, with a mere 50 followers grouped in one single country – the USA – announced his intention to set fire to a couple of copies of the Koran. But he didn’t actually do it.

At the same time – or to be more accurate long, long before and continuing all the way to this very day – an insane Islamist in Iran claims that the Holocaust never took place, that he intends to slaughter all the Jews in the world, erase the state of Israel from the map of the world, launch a war against an octopus, destroy another sovereign UN member state – the USA – and take over the Western world, kill all the world’s Christians, eradicate all homosexuals, indoctrinate children so they have no other aim in life than to become homicide bombers in the name of Islamism, and conduct a war of terror that will last years, decades or centuries until Islam dominates the globe, irrespective of how many people die and how much destruction is cause the world over.

This man with his peculiar penchant for declaring war on the octopus does not have a mere 50 supporters. He and his cohorts are eagerly followed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic, bloodthirsty maniacs the world over, they already have a de facto state where the Lebanon once stood and they have another in the making further south on the Mediterranean coast of Gaza, just north of Egypt. In addition they are strengthening their grip and penetrating the minds and politics of countries as far apart as Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Not to mention France, Sweden, Britain and Germany. The global media and political echelon, however, are with some exceptions remarkably silent about the power behind this phenomenon; they simply will not utter the “Islamist” word.

In the case of the 50 sorry US individuals who toyed with the idea of burning the Koran, the media and politicians launched into a cacophonous feeding frenzy – even the USA Secretary of Defence got in on the act to prevent an insult to Islamism. As blogger Michelle Malkin points out, Islamists seem to be remarkably easy to insult. She gives documentary and photographic evidence of mainstream Western media refusing to show burned korans but happily showing burned bibles. So much for religious sensibilities.

In the USA the Constitution allows the burning of the American flag, whatever one might think of such an aggressive and unpatriotic act, and some Americans do so to vent their feelings. The US Defence Secretary drinks his morning coffee without a murmur of protest as the flag he has sworn to protect goes up in flames. But it suddenly becomes a matter of the utmost national and international priority and deserving of his personal attention when someone announces his intention to burn a copy of the koran.

In the case of the global Islamist jihadists both the media and politicians are characterised by a solid, awkward but ultimately self-destructive silence in the name of political correctness.

Read Professor Barry Rubin’s excellent article “Millions of Virgins; Millions of Martyrs. These Guys Have Followers and They Really Mean It” about how the world’s politicians and media dig their – and our – graves as they kowtow to the world’s newest and fastest-growing global religion – Political Correctness. Professor Rubin’s article ought to be compulsory reading for all foreign ministers and news editors the world over.

Political Correctness paves the way for an illegitimate violent political ideology – Islamism – which is making sinister and swift inroads into democratic and civilised society from behind the skirts of a legitimate religion with a similar-sounding name: Islam.

For additional insight into the dangers of Islamism and its insidious invasion of civilised society, read these articles and others by Daniel Pipes:

Now watch a video in which Daniel Pipes discusses Islamism and its impact on society:

Amnesty International’s Public Apology

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Remember Amnesty International Finland’s Frank Johansson?

He’s the scurrilous individual whose salary is paid out of public donations, who a few months back used such choice expressions as “scum state” when referring to Israel.

The Tundra Tabloids blog brought the matter to the attention of the world and pursued it in a variety of ways, including a follow-up article in the Jerusalem Post. The scandalous issue prompted NGO Monitor to write a stern letter to the Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Now the cowed Frank Johansson has published a total retraction and an abject apology for his disgraceful behaviour. Read it here in Tundra Tabloids.

Well done Tundra Tabloids!