That selective silence – again

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is not so much a political enigma, more a walking human rights tragedy and as such, a downright insult to democrats everywhere.
On the subject of Sudan’s despot Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who is wanted by Interpol to face charges of genocide, Carl Bildt is strangely apathetic. In fact, he is silent as the grave.
On the subject of Iran and its drive to acquire the nuclear weapons it needs to wipe Israel off the map, Carl Bildt exerts himself to the utmost to prevent the Islamist Iranian regime from being held accountable. It is Carl Bildt who almost single-handedly slows down an otherwise concerted EU drive to bring Iran’s Ahmadenijad to order.
Yet on the subject of the Iranian regime’s treatment of minority Sunni Muslims, democrats, women and gays, Carl Bildt reverts to silence. Here is the story of a young Iranian man accused of homosexuality despite his protestations to the contrary, against the word of witnesses who later testified that they had been coerced into making the allegations, and against the evidence of his lawyer (who was subsequently hounded out of the country by the authorities). Homosexuality is a capital crime in Iran. Ahmadenijad famously denied that there is any homosexuality in his country.
Equally so, there is no prostitution in Iran. This is true – there is no prostitution in Iran because it has a different spelling: “sigheh”. Under this convenient system sanctioned by the mullahs and the political echelon, men go to their imams late in the afternoon and take along a woman with whom they sign a “contract of temporary wedlock” to last until sun-up the following morning, and the imam grants both the marriage licence and the divorce certificate at one and the same time, before the couple leave his presence for one night of “marriage”. Of course, such “marriages” do not have to last all night – they may last for anything from 10 minutes to 99 years, with a sliding scale of fees to the woman (and the officiating imam) for the service. But take note, this is marriage, NOT prostitution (the two words are spelled entirely differently, even in Farsi, as if any proof were needed).
But I digress. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt finds himself strangely unable to comment on Iran’s death penalty for Iranian men accused without evidence of the “crime” of homosexuality, he finds himself unable to comment on the fact that Iranian female rape victims are stoned to death for the “crime” of adultery. British Foreign Minster William Hague refers to the Iranian regime’s bestial practice of stoning as “appalling”. His Swedish counterpart Carl Bildt, however, can find no words to say on the subject. But he does find his tongue when it comes to shielding Iran from an otherwise united European Union.
Whose Foreign Minister is Carl Bildt?