Can the West live together with Islamism?

What is Islam? What is Islamism? Is there a finite distinction between religion and politics in the Islamic world? Is the West too naïve for its own good?
The demographic situation in Europe and North America is changing as a result of both increased immigration from Islamic countries and the higher birth-rates of these immigrant populations.
Immigration from Islamic countries is not a problem. Nor are higher birth-rates a problem. What is a problem is the make-up of these immigrant populations. Not because they are Muslims adhering to the religion of Islam, but because of the large numbers of and the immensely aggressive stance of Islamists nestled among this group.
Islam is a religion practised by Muslims. Islamism, however, is not a religion; it is an offensive, violent, supremacist and racist political movement that protects itself from criticism by hiding behind a religion with a similar-sounding name, Islam. It effectively disables criticism of its policies, tactics and ambitions by forcing all moderate Muslims to serve as human shields. Most of the moderate Muslims in the West are here because they have fled abominable Islamist crimes against their human rights back in their old home countries. Now they find that these same Islamists are pursuing them into Europe and other countries in the Western world.
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