British PM David Cameron has no Internet access

Otherwise how could the British Prime Minister be talking about Gaza as aprison campwhile the EU- and UN-funded Gaza regime openly fires rockets at Israel and builds Olympic-sized swimming pools, luxury restaurants, magnificent mansions and exclusive shopping malls in the Gaza Strip?

All David Cameron has to do is ask if one of his friends has a laptop with mobile Internet access. If he does that, here’s what he’ll see:

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What do you believe – David Cameron’s pandering to jihadists in the Islamist Republic of Turkey, or genuine video footage shot in Gaza showing what Gaza actually is and what its regime wants?

Read also Melanie Phillips on the subject of David Cameron’s cowed sucking-up to Islamism at the expense of Britain’s own best interests, how he signally fails to condemn Turkish aggression against Cyprus and Israel while extolling the virtues of the Islamist nation’s membership of the EU.


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