Ever wondered …

… how your humanitarian aid contributions are NOT used?
Hat tip to blogger Solomonia, who published this video made by FreeMiddleEast.com. Visit FreeMiddleEast and view their other excellent videos on topical issues.

Read also about UNRWA vs UNHCR.
UNRWA is a UN organisation created solely for the benefit of 3 million Palestinian Arabs following the Arabs’ failed attempt to eradicate the Jews from the Middle East back in 1948.
Read how UNRWA with its enormous budget and large number of employees has the task of preserving the Palestinian Arabs’ “refugee status” from one generation to the next until eternity. UNRWA’s budget is paid for out of our taxed income, direct from your country’s Treasury.
At the same time, UNHCR – another UN organisation created to look after 30 million refugees throughout the rest of the world – has a budget equal in size to that of the Palestinians’ own UNRWA, but these funds have to suffice for 10 times more refugees. A Palestinian Arab is thus worth 10 times more than a refugee who has the misfortune not to be a Palestinian Arab. It is also noteworthy that UNHCR has about 600 employees, while UNRWA has about 25,000 employees. UNHCR’s payroll is thus only 2.5 percent that of UNRWA’s. It is remarkable to see just how much a Palestinian Arab is deemed to be worth, while noting just how little black Africans and other ethnic groups living on the edge of extinction are worth.
What is even more remarkable is that the world community continues to allow this abominable disgrace.
Palestinian Arabs living four generations in the Arab countries that started a war of extinction against the Jews in 1948 are not “refugees”. They are well-maintained political pawns. Political pawns in an expensive game financed not by the oil-rich Arab countries that started the whole sorry mess, but by you and me.
By us dumb citizens of the free world.
And we continue to pay without protesting against this travesty of justice, this total abandonment of moral, ethics, principle and common sense.
Have you asked your MP or Senator any questions on this issue recently?
Now’s a good time.
That’s now, right now.
Before your Treasury sends another few billion to the “starving” and “destitute” Palestinians of Gaza. See here how these poor people have been suffering while your tax dollars and tax euros have been at work. All they have is brand-new Olympic-sized swimming pools (remember their claim that they have “no water” and “no cement even to build homes”) and the only place they can spend your dollars and euros is in the brand new air-conditioned multi-level shopping-mall (don’t forget these poor people have “no food” and “lack even the basic necessities of life”).
So get in touch with your MP or Senator. Immediately.
Mind you, what’s the point of making a fuss? After all, it’s only money.
Had any publicly funded Olympic pools or air-conditioned shopping-malls built in your area recently?