Fact-ignoring visit to Gaza Plaza

What we have been saying to the Israelis for a long time is that we need to allow aid into this region … for people to have the things they are clearly lacking.”

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on the “plight” of Gaza Arabs.
Ashton’s statement came at the same time as a rocket fired by the Hamas government of Gaza killed a farm worker in Israel.
Ashton’s statement also coincided with the following revelations from Mideast media analyst Tom Gross, writing in his Mideast Dispatches.
Visit Tom Gross’s excellent website and see for yourself the evidence of what the Gaza Arabs are “clearly lacking” – they are apparently disoriented over the incomprehensibly wide choice of expensive restaurants, cafés, the packed markets, (the Gazans are “starving”, don’t forget) Olympic-sized swimming pools (there’s “no water in Gaza”, remember), air-conditioned shopping malls (the Gazans “have resorted to” tunneling underground to smuggle in life-supporting “essentials”, if you recall. These “essentials” are apparently limited to such vitals as Russian Kalashnikov automatic rifles, Syrian Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) and Iranian missiles and mortars).
Of course, you may disregard Tom Gross as just another of these infamous Zionist colonialist imperialist propaganda disseminators. After all, Catherine Ashton, whose enormous salary we all help pay for, wouldn’t lie, would she? She’s a public officer employed by the EU. If she ignores Tom Gross and his documentary evidence, if she continues to talk about the poor, destitute and suffering Arabs of Gaza, there must be some truth to it, right?
Go to Tom Gross’s source. It’s in Arabic. But it’s OK, you don’t need to understand Arabic to understand pictures of sumptuous wealth, five-star hotel accommodation, excellent cuisine and well-stocked shops and market stalls.
Hamas maintains a few carefully prepared and meticulously preserved scenes of “deplorable conditions” to which all the media and all visiting dignitaries are taken.
It’s part of a well-oiled PR industry whose massive success puts the West’s expensive ad agencies to shame.
Of course, it all requires the target audience’s willing gullibility and total blindness – as well as deep-seated animosity towards the Jewish state – for this strategy to work.
And it certainly does work. Catherine Ashton, who is paid out of our pockets, still talks about the “suffering” of Gaza as she sits in a luxury limousine and swishes past lush gardens, well-stocked shopping malls, a newly inaugurated Olympic swimming pool, five-star hotels, world-class restaurants and superb beachfront properties.
Anyone know a good optician? Of course, it would have to be a cheap optician, because the EU cannot afford to pay an expensive optician for Catherine Ashton – all the EU’s funds (already exceeding 300 million euros for this year alone) have already been sent to the people of Gaza – while the unemployed of Greece, Spain and Ireland struggle to make ends meet in today’s dire economic straits.
Forget Turkey – “Palestine” is already the first Muslim entity to become a part of the EU. If for no other reason than that it has already swallowed a massive amount of the EU’s finances – without any quid pro quo obligations in the form of an agreement to discuss peace, the release of kidnapped Israeli Gilad Schalit who was taken from Israel while still a teenager, or a cessation of the merciless bombing campaign that continues to kill and maim civilians in Israel while EU bigwig Ashton is on a fact-ignoring mission in the region.
Since Iran matches the EU’s funding of the Hamas regime euro for euro, its now time for the rich people of Gaza to start sending aid to the poor of the EU.
Of course, life isn’t only a bed of roses for the people of Gaza – the vicious Hamas regime of Gaza have now banned women from smoking, from riding motorbikes, and from being seen in public without married male relatives to escort them.
Something else that Catherine Ashton chose not to comment on during her recent fact-ignoring mission to Gaza Plaza.
Later update:
Israel National News has an article on the same subject.