Dealing with terrorists on the open sea, scenario 1

Here for the first time is a detailed, definitive account of the Turkish Islamist terrorists’ actions on the high seas after they commandeered the Mavi Marmara.
Taking over a vessel on the high seas is known as piracy. These pirates intended to sail their vessel and the accompanying flotilla of five ships to the Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza, thereby opening up a cargo route for the free transport of missiles and other armaments to Gaza. Gaza’s Hamas government has already fired more than 10,000 missiles on hapless Israeli civilians over a period of eight years.

Here is part two of the filmed documentation:

That was what happened when a police force boarded the vessels on the open seas. At least one of the vessels was manned by armed Islamist terrorists who had taken over the ship against the captain’s wishes. This makes them guilty of the crime of piracy.
End result: 9 terrorists killed as they tried to murder the naval officers and several officers seriously injured as they attempted to stop the terrorists, arrest the pirates and check the cargo for contraband.
International condemnation of Israel’s police action has been widespread, resulting in demands to boycott the Jewish state and threats of publicly funded legal action against Israel. Israel’s relations with Europe, the USA and the Islamist republic of Turkey have suffered a setback and to this day, the international media continue to give immense – and negative – coverage to Israel’s attempts to prevent the smuggling of another 10,000 missiles to the Hamas regime in Gaza.
The armed terrorists have received widespread sympathy, understanding and both diplomatic and political – as well as financial – support.
That’s the way things can be when a democracy like Israel tries to shield itself against an extremist Islamist regime that is determined to secure unobstructed transport routes for the import of more missiles to fire on civilians.
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