Nazi ideology is alive and well – in Gaza, Egypt and Scandinavia

The entire world is in touching agreement that Nazism and neo-Nazism are disgusting expressions of racism and violence.
There are no governments, no national institutions, no religious leaders, who would allow Nazi ideology to flourish unchecked.
With one exception.
That’s in the Islamist world. That is to say, societies in which fanatical Muslims with their own intolerant, extremist, racist interpretation of Islam are given a free rein. On radio and TV, in newspapers and schools, in the general discourse on the streets and in the mosques during Friday prayers.
In other words anywhere that Islamists – Muslims spouting a racist and violent political ideology based on world domination – hide behind the religion of Islam to force their global jihad on the world.
Which means Gaza, Egypt – and Scandinavia.
Watch the following film clip from MEMRI-TV which shows how an Egyptian “expert” on Judaism speaks openly on Palestinian al-Aqsa TV about an anti-Semitic Nazi race ideology that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

And then watch the following short news report from Norway’s NRK TV station that spotlights Islamist anti-Semitism in Norway, where Muslims go hunting for Jewish children to string up by the neck. The links between the Islamist exhortations to murder on Palestinian TV and the violence seen in the suburbs of Oslo in Norway and Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden are heart-stoppingly clear.

So forget the outmoded Aryan racists shrieking “Seig Heil”. The real threat to the most fundamental human rights in the world come from Islamism – and that’s a threat against Muslims as much as it is against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahai’ists and Buddhists.
While US President Hussein Obama is happy to turn a blind eye to the export of militant Islamism, many Americans are not. See here, here and here how the American public is responding to the mega-distasteful proposal to build a mega-mosque in praise of Islam on the Twin Towers site that was destroyed Islamic terrorists on 9/11.
For added perspective on the issue of Islamism, on the dangers of buckling under to Islamic pressure and the epidemic of Political Correctness that is dragging the Western world to the brink of self-destruction, read Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini’s excellent and incisively analytical article published in Israeli daily Maariv, entitled “Humanitarian Show”.
If after all this you sit back, shake your head in despair and then switch over to the soccer game on TV or go out to clean your car, you haven’t understood a thing.
Act now.
Before it’s too late.
Get in touch with your local MP/senator/newspaper editor and mosque/church/synagogue/temple leader and ask what their stance is on the looming threat of Islamism.
Above all, ask your Foreign Minister some highly pertinent questions.
Ask while you still live in a democracy and are allowed to ask questions.