Cause. Effect. Political Correctness.

Blindness. British Prime Minister David Cameron cut a pathetic figure on his pilgrimage to Turkey. In what has been widely labelled as an “incredibly stupid speech”, Cameron talked about how desperately Britain wants Turkey’s friendship, his admiration of Islamism knew no bounds, he lavished praise on Turkey’s “strategic friendship” with the West, with Israel and […]

Can the West live together with Islamism?

What is Islam? What is Islamism? Is there a finite distinction between religion and politics in the Islamic world? Is the West too naïve for its own good? The demographic situation in Europe and North America is changing as a result of both increased immigration from Islamic countries and the higher birth-rates of these immigrant […]

Ever wondered …

… how your humanitarian aid contributions are NOT used? Hat tip to blogger Solomonia, who published this video made by Visit FreeMiddleEast and view their other excellent videos on topical issues. Read also about UNRWA vs UNHCR. UNRWA is a UN organisation created solely for the benefit of 3 million Palestinian Arabs following the […]

The barrier that arouses no protests

In the Middle East there is a barrier – a totally impenetrable wall – about which nobody in the West protests. A barrier that controls the movements of individuals, that prevents law-abiding citizens from going to their work-places, to their schools, to the shops. A wall that prevents people from visiting their parents, relatives, friends. […]

Arab animosity towards the Palestinians

The Arab countries are firmly against the idea of giving Palestinian Arabs fundamental rights such as citizenship, entitlement to own land or property, the right to work in certain professions, the right to live where they want. This bizarre and from the human rights viewpoint immoral situation can perhaps be seen most clearly in the […]

Fact-ignoring visit to Gaza Plaza

“What we have been saying to the Israelis for a long time is that we need to allow aid into this region … for people to have the things they are clearly lacking.” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on the “plight” of Gaza Arabs. Ashton’s statement came at the same time as a rocket […]

Dealing with terrorists on the open sea, scenario 2

Once again there has been a police action in international waters. Once again it has resulted in fatalities. Once again a ship has been boarded by naval officers. The ship was manned by suspected terrorists and pirates, but this time the naval police force did not steer the ship to port for a thorough check […]