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Cause. Effect. Political Correctness.

Friday, July 30th, 2010


British Prime Minister David Cameron cut a pathetic figure on his pilgrimage to Turkey.

In what has been widely labelled as an “incredibly stupid speech”, Cameron talked about how desperately Britain wants Turkey’s friendship, his admiration of Islamism knew no bounds, he lavished praise on Turkey’s “strategic friendship” with the West, with Israel and with the Palestinians in Gaza – while managing to ignore the fact that Turkey has been illegally occupying half of Cyprus for almost half a century, is still systematically persecuting its Kurdish and Armenian minorities, has gone out of its way to antagonise the Jewish state and is actively aiding and abetting Gaza’s Hamas Islamist regime which is pitted in a deadly war against the legitimate Palestinian leadership under Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas – who in turn is a Holocaust denier (read his university thesis).

Cameron’s visit to Turkey and his message of carte blanche to Islamism took place on Tuesday 27 July. The effects were not long in coming: On Thursday July 29, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, widely touted by his darlings in the West as a “moderate” and a “man of peace”, declared that in any future Palestinian state, no Jews will be allowed to live. “Palestineis to be judenrein. This contrasts interestingly with Israel, 20 percent of whose population consists of Arabs – both Muslim and Christian.

And just a few hours later on the morning of Friday July 30 the Hamas terrorist organisation, Abbas’s rivals in the Gaza Strip, not to be outdone, fired a Grad rocket at the Israeli city of Ashkelon. This is the city that supplies electricity to the Gaza Strip and the power station has been targeted several times by rockets fired from Gaza.

On all this David Cameron remained utterly silent.

He was less silent on the subject of terrorism, however. He was not referring to systematic Islamist terrorism against Jews by the Iran-Syria-Turkey allies in the Lebanon (Hizbollah), or the Iran-Syria-Turkey allies in the West Bank (Fatah-PLO) or the Iran-Syria-Turkey allies in the Gaza Strip (Hamas-Moslem Brotherhood).

On that terrorism Cameron was silent. But he did speak up against terrorism that targets India:

We cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror whether to India, whether to Afghanistan or to anywhere else in the world.

“That is why this relationship is important. It should be a relationship based on a very clear message – that it is not right to have any relations with groups that are promoting terror.”

He was referring solely to terrorism emanating from Pakistan and aimed at India – a former British colony to which Cameron now travelled cap in hand begging for increased commerce and extended trade.

Cameron’s words were spot-on regarding India’s existential problem with its Islamic neighbour Pakistan, and his words were well-received in what is the world’s largest democracy.

The problem is, Cameron could have equally well applied exactly the same words to Turkey, to Syria, to Iran and, above all, to both the Fatah-PLO terrorist organisation that rules the West Bank and the Hamas-Islamic Jihad gangs that rule the Gaza Strip.

But he chose not to.

Which is why his trip and his speeches were not only “incredibly stupid”, they were insulting, condescending and counterproductive. He antagonised virtually everyone, and earned the sneering disrespect of those he tried hardest to appease.

Just wait now for Pakistan to react to Cameron’s insult.

Can the West live together with Islamism?

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

What is Islam? What is Islamism? Is there a finite distinction between religion and politics in the Islamic world? Is the West too naïve for its own good?

The demographic situation in Europe and North America is changing as a result of both increased immigration from Islamic countries and the higher birth-rates of these immigrant populations.

Immigration from Islamic countries is not a problem. Nor are higher birth-rates a problem. What is a problem is the make-up of these immigrant populations. Not because they are Muslims adhering to the religion of Islam, but because of the large numbers of and the immensely aggressive stance of Islamists nestled among this group.

Islam is a religion practised by Muslims. Islamism, however, is not a religion; it is an offensive, violent, supremacist and racist political movement that protects itself from criticism by hiding behind a religion with a similar-sounding name, Islam. It effectively disables criticism of its policies, tactics and ambitions by forcing all moderate Muslims to serve as human shields. Most of the moderate Muslims in the West are here because they have fled abominable Islamist crimes against their human rights back in their old home countries. Now they find that these same Islamists are pursuing them into Europe and other countries in the Western world.

Read here an in-depth interview with Daniel Pipes on the subject of Islam, Islamism and the future of Europe as the Islamic Caliphate spreads through Europe and the Western world.

British PM David Cameron has no Internet access

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Otherwise how could the British Prime Minister be talking about Gaza as aprison campwhile the EU- and UN-funded Gaza regime openly fires rockets at Israel and builds Olympic-sized swimming pools, luxury restaurants, magnificent mansions and exclusive shopping malls in the Gaza Strip?

All David Cameron has to do is ask if one of his friends has a laptop with mobile Internet access. If he does that, here’s what he’ll see:

Hat tip to

What do you believe – David Cameron’s pandering to jihadists in the Islamist Republic of Turkey, or genuine video footage shot in Gaza showing what Gaza actually is and what its regime wants?

Read also Melanie Phillips on the subject of David Cameron’s cowed sucking-up to Islamism at the expense of Britain’s own best interests, how he signally fails to condemn Turkish aggression against Cyprus and Israel while extolling the virtues of the Islamist nation’s membership of the EU.