Martyrs at sea, commandos on land

Two weeks have gone since the global jihadist movement under Turkey’s leadership declared open war on the Jewish state of Israel. Now Jihadism’s commandos in the Muslim world and their behind-the-lines collaborators in the Western world are lining up to make their contribution to the global war against Israel. They are being aided by Jihadism’s […]

Revealing figures

Statistics can be revealing. Comparative statistics can be even more revealing. Like the following, for instance: About 18 months ago, 10,000 rockets fired on Israel by the Hamas regime in Gaza over a period of eight years prompted Israel to finally respond to the constant barrage. Even the most partial, the most pro-Palestinian and most pro-Hamas analysts […]

The voice of reason

Zvi Mazel, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Sweden and Romania, has authored a sharp and insightful analysis of the Obama doctrine. Or, if truth be told, the abysmal lack of doctrine. Ambassador Mazel writes about Obama’s appeasement of some of the most violent human rights abusers and anti-democratic regimes in the Islamic world, at the […]

Global warming – Islamist style

Turkey threatens to send its warships to breach Egypt’s and Israel’s security cordon around the Gaza Strip, where the Hamas terrorist organisation holds sway. Iran has threatened to do the same and is said to be preparing an armada of warships to send to Gaza. That would require the Muslim nation of Egypt to open […]

Jingoism – or plain old-fashioned racism?

Since Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel and the mutual promises of “no more war”, the two former foes are at peace and no armed conflicts have taken place between them since the signing of the peace accords. There have been plenty of armed skirmishes on the border, however, although Israel has never been […]

Hamas in pictures

Here’s the Hamas that the Islamists and their collaborators in Europe want to assist. This is their vision of education for children. Education in hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, death, destruction and contempt for women. Here’s the film that many Europeans and their political leaders prefer not to see – in case it disturbs their determination to […]

Israel released top terrorists from Gaza convoy

Israel released a number of top-ranking terrorists who sailed with the Turkish Hamas convoy to Gaza. Among them a leading Hamas financier and a Syrian – yes Syrian! – intelligence officer with responsibility for links to and coordination with Iran. This while Israeli youngster Gilad Schalit still languishes in illegal captivity in Gaza. Hamas denies […]

The occupation of Gaza must cease. Immediately.

The brutal occupation of Gaza is continuing unabated. The world community is admittedly trying to improve the living conditions of the Gaza Palestinians through unbelievably generous donations of money, goods, food, expertise and unlimited political support. But nothing can hide the fact that Gaza’s occupation is brutal, ruthless and takes place in total silence while […]