UN-sponsored aid destroyed in Gaza by EU-sponsored Hamas

EU-financed groups are destroying UN-financed infrastructure in Gaza. 
Silence from the world community. Of course, it is Islamist Muslims who are behind the destruction of UN-financed property, not Israeli Jews, so naturally there is nothing to write about in the world media, nothing for world statesmen to posture about on the political stage. 

The EU is one of the biggest financiers of the Palestinian Hamas enclave in the Gaza Strip. Now for the second time in less than two months supporters of the radical Islamist Hamas movement have destroyed UN property that they regard as a source of corruption, moral decadence and provocation.
Just what is this highly subversie property that was destroyed? Answer: a summer camp for children where boys and girls play, engage in sports and learn about human rights.
It’s a threat to the very foundation of Hamas, the EU-financed terrorist organisation that the EU supports both diplomatically and financially.
In the meantime, other UN aid is being attacked and destroyed by Muslim clansmen in Egypt. It isn’t easy these days being a strategist in the fast-sinking UN ship with both the EU and the Muslim world using it for target practice.