Gaza without electricity

A quarter of Gaza’s electricity supply has been summarily cut off.
Yet there are no boat convoys departing from Turkey to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians’ human rights. Iran remains eerily silent. There are no massive demonstrations in Beirut, Riyadh, Damascus or Cairo.
25 percent of Gaza’s electricity comes from a power station in the Gaza Strip.
70 percent of Gaza’s electricity needs are covered by a power station in Israel, which Hamas routinely bombards with missiles. Israel has no domestic power resources. Yet Israel continues to supply the Gaza Strip with 70 percent of its electricity needs – even in the midst of the Hamas missile bombardment. Egypt, which has both oil-wells and gas-fields, meets just 5 percent of the Gaza Strip’s electricity needs.
Now Gaza’s sole power station has been shut down. Neither the international media nor prominent international politicians are lining up to say a single word about this disgrace. US President Hussein Obama, otherwise noted as a prominent champion of everything Palestinian, is silent. The fact that the Gaza Strip has lost a massive 25 percent of its electric supply in the midst of the boiling-hot summer is met with total silence by the world community.
There is of course a reason for this seemingly puzzling silence. Actually, there are two reasons:

  1. The power cutoff was not caused by Israel. Therefore there is no story to be told. There is by definition nothing to write about unless Israel can be blamed.
  2. The power cutoff was caused by the Palestinians themselves: the Palestinian Authority (financed largely by the EU) refuses to subsidise Hamas (which receives substantial financial and military aid from the radical Islamist regime of Iran). Therefore there is no story to be told. There is by definition nothing to write about since it is Muslims who are to blame for the impasse.

Hence the silence of the world community. Sweden, for instance, is the world’s largest per capita financier of the Palestinians, with the taxed income of long-suffering Swedes being diverted from Swedish hospitals, schools and infrastructure to finance the building of Olympic-size swimming pools in Gaza and five-star restaurants in Ramallah. Yet the Palestinian Authority, in receipt of these millions, is refusing to use the funds to supply the Gazans with a fundamental need: electricity. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt remains silent. Swedish opposition leader Mona Sahlin remains silent. Radical Swedish left-wingers such as Mattias Gardel, Henning Mankell, Pierre Schori, Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu, the Swedish Port Workers Union, Swedish communists under the leadership of Lars Ohly and Dror Feiler all remain silent while the Gazans’ sole electricity supply station is shut down by politicians vying for power at the expense of the civilians’ welfare. There are no demands for boycotts of either the Palestinian Authority or the Hamas regime, no demands that either regime be replaced, no questioning of the legitimacy of either regime. And of course the question is not being brought before either the UN General Assembly or the Security Council, even though the PA and Hamas are in a state of war and it is Palestinian civilians who are caught in the middle.
Total silence. That’s how much solidarity with the Palestinians and the welfare of Palestinian civilians really means when their sole source of power is shut off amid political jockeying between Muslim power brokers as the summer enters its hottest period in the heart of the blisteringly hot Negev and Sinai deserts.