The unthinkable

Here’s what the world community finds unthinkable:  to insist that Egypt, a Muslim country, should facilitate the transfer of goods to Gaza, a Muslim entity.
It is Egypt that has insisted on and enforced the security blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, with Israel’s agreement and help. It is Egypt that does not want Hamas religious and racial extremism exported to its sovereign territory.
That is why the Gaza-Egypt border is hermetically sealed.
Kowtowing to Muslim Egyptian intransigence, the world insists that the Jewish state, Israel, must keep Gaza supplied with whatever it wants.
But with a proviso: Israel should not be permitted to security-screen what the Hamas regime imports. Hamas has the declared aim of destroying Israel, killing or expelling all its Jewish inhabitants, and replacing the country with a radical Islamist theocracy governed according to strict Sharia law.

The world community enthusiastically supports the notion of free and unfettered transfer of goods to Hamas. The world community absolutely insists that Israel must be the only nation in the world not to have border controls to check who and what passes between the West Bank and Gaza. The world community totally embraces the absolute right of Hamas to do as it sees fit in its enclave in Gaza – which is why the world community’s concerted support for Hamas is not tempered by any demand on the terrorist organisation to release Israeli citizen Gilad Schalit, kidnapped from Israel by Hamas four years ago and since then denied even the most basic human rights of family visits, Red Cross representation or legal advice.
Absurd, yes. Bizarrely illogical, of course. Blatantly anti-Israel, naturally. But of course that is precisely the intention. The aim is not to supply Gaza, but to make sure that it is the Jews who are ordered to supply Muslims with the weapons that will be unleashed on them.
It is sadistic and brutal and beggars belief.
Which is precisely why the concept has the wholehearted approval of the UN.
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