Voices on the Twin Towers mosque

Next year, if all goes according to plan, a gigantic mosque will be inaugurated on the site of the New York World Trade Center.
The aim is to inaugurate it on September 11, 2011. Ten years to the date after the World Trade Center was smashed by Islamist fanatics, extinguishing the lives of 3000 people.
The construction of mosques on sites of religious and/or secular symbolism to non-Muslims has been common practice for the past 1400 years.
The following video from Englishman Pat Condell is straightforward, refreshingly politically incorrect, and entirely honest in its somewhat raw expression. Just like the construction of a Muslim house of worship is intended to be on the site where 3000 people were murdered by fanatics in the name of their religion.
Construction of the mosque has nothing whatsoever to do with the religion of Islam, nor with Muslims as followers of Islam.
It is about one thing and one thing only – Islamism: a fanatical political ideology that is protected from debate, insight and criticism by clothing itself in the protective mantle of the religion of Islam.