Jingoism – or plain old-fashioned racism?

Since Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel and the mutual promises of “no more war”, the two former foes are at peace and no armed conflicts have taken place between them since the signing of the peace accords.
There have been plenty of armed skirmishes on the border, however, although Israel has never been involved. Egypt’s Muslim border policemen routinely shoot Muslim black Africans in the back as they try to make their way out of Egypt into the Jewish state, desperate to escape grinding poverty, racial discrimination and internecine wars back home.
Egypt’s belligerent state policy regarding the Jewish state is no less bewildering than its belligerent state policy regarding its 3-million minority of Coptic Christians, who are being persecuted into oblivion, and its belligerent policy regarding fellow Muslims from neighbouring black African states.
It smacks of racism, pure and simple.
The state judiciary in Egypt states that Muslims may not retain their Egyptian citizenship if they marry Israelis or Jews. A prominent Egyptian lawyer fighting to exclude Egyptians from citizenship on the grounds of their spouse’s religion, Nabih El-Wahsh, says there is “no way we will have Jewish children whose father is Egyptian in Egyptian territory“. By way of comparison it should be pointed out that 20 percent of Israel’s population consists of Arabs, the vast majority of them Muslims, but also Christians, Druse, Bahai and others. There is of course little doubt about the world outcry should the Israeli media announce a corresponding sentiment among the general population, let alone official Israeli policy. The world community, it need hardly be added, has nothing to say about this overtly racist state of affairs in Egypt.
Coincidentally it is revealed that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is castigating the fanatical Islamist Hamas terrorist organisation because Hamas serves food that is produced by Jews. Once again Egypt is seen to be pursuing a policy of an overtly racist nature. This is a clear echo of Nazi exhortations from just a few decades ago to boycott Jewish goods and services. The world community is equally silent on this score.
Mind you, the world has other, weightier issues on its collective mind: how best to keep Hamas supplied with goods, services and weapons while resolutely refusing to push that organisation to release the young Israeli Gilad Schalit, who was kidnapped from Israel four years ago and has been held without access to his family, legal representation, the Red Cross, UN visits, EU visits, (Schalit is also a French EU citizen), in total violation of his most fundamental human rights.
Selective criticism and selective silence are very worrying trends.
Take a pause from your daily worries and enjoy the following music video. It’ll get your feet tapping and your brain working. Listen to the words and reflect on their meaning. Then contact your media and politicians and ask them some pointed questions.