The occupation of Gaza must cease. Immediately.

The brutal occupation of Gaza is continuing unabated.
The world community is admittedly trying to improve the living conditions of the Gaza Palestinians through unbelievably generous donations of money, goods, food, expertise and unlimited political support.
But nothing can hide the fact that Gaza’s occupation is brutal, ruthless and takes place in total silence while the world community looks the other way.
See the film for evidence.

So what can YOU do to influence your government, the media and general public opinion so that the occupation of Gaza is brought to an end? How many more people must suffer, be maimed and die before the occupation and the cruelty end? To whom will you spread the above film, who are you going to contact to bring about a genuine, lasting change and improvement for the people of Gaza?
Does the Foreign Minister know what you feel about your country’s unconditional support for Gaza’s occupying power, Hamas? Hamas is an occupying power that neither Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas nor Egypt accept and that both the UN and EU recognise as a terrorist organisation. Which exactly mirrors Israel’s position on every count. Yet it is only Israel that is criticised for its stance against the Hamas terrorist organisation. And all the while Hamas continues to shoot rockets at Israeli civilians (more than 10,000 rockets so far) and continues to keep Israeli citizen Gilad Schalit in illegal captivity. It is now four years since Schalit was kidnapped from Israel. His kidnapping and the subsequent denial of even his most fundamental human rights have met with total silence by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Egypt, the UN, the EU and the Red Cross.
In the meantime Hamas, with Iran’s help, demands and works untiringly for the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel from the map and its replacement by the world’s 52nd Muslim state and the world’s 22nd Arab state. At the same time, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recognises Israel’s right to existence, with its capital in Jerusalem, and acknowledges that certain border adjustments are necessary so that Israel can live in peace side by side with the Palestinian Arabs. Whose new state, Palestine, will be the second Palestinian state after Jordan (where 80 percent of the population is Palestinian). Or even the third Palestinian state if the Hamas regime continues to receive the support of the world community and establishes its sovereignty in Gaza.
The world community seems unable to learn: East and West, North and South versions of the same country don’t work. Not in Germany, not in Pakistan, not in Korea. But for the Palestinian Arabs, the world is countenancing not just East and West but also Centre. Palestine Jordan, Palestine West Bank (formerly illegally occupied by Jordan) and Palestine Gaza (formerly illegally occupied by Egypt).
Meanwhile, Gaza’s occupying power, Hamas, refuses however to recognise either Israel or Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority. Yet the world community continues supporting Hamas. And that same world community still has just one item on its agenda: how it can continue to best assist Hamas.
It can’t be easy being the leader of either the Palestinian Authority or Israel, with a world community continuing to put every possible obstacle in the way of peace.