Gaza Travel Guide for Pro-Hamas Flotilla Participants

Choose the order in which you want to read the following three articles:

  1. Former Israeli ambassador to Romania, Egypt and Israel Mr Zvi Mazel writes in the Jerusalem Post that yesterday’s events in the Mediterranean Sea were not the work of peace activists but rather the work of committed militants.  
  2. The immensely clear-thinking, principled (a strange word indeed in the world of journalism) and analytical Ms Melanie Phillips writes in Spectator that yesterday’s Muslim ambush of the Israeli naval policing operation was a brutal, well-planned Jihadist action.
  3. On May 26, just days before the Islamist convoy to Gaza, the “Mere Rhetoric” blog published an entertaining, well-written, immensely detailed and absolutely hilarious guide book for tourists in Gaza, specially adapted for pro-Hamas militants, anarchists, terrorism supporters and UN officials – often one and the same bunch of people.

I’d suggest reading these three in the above order – that way you’ll end up with a huge laugh and clear perspective on the idiocy we see playing out in front of our eyes.