Israel – guarantor of freedom in the Arab world

It is worrying that increasing numbers of people in the Muslim world regard Israel as a guarantor of freedom – but that large swathes of the Western world do not appear to feel the same. Here is a short film from MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) showing an interview on Al-Jazeera TV from […]

UN-sponsored aid destroyed in Gaza by EU-sponsored Hamas

EU-financed groups are destroying UN-financed infrastructure in Gaza.  Silence from the world community. Of course, it is Islamist Muslims who are behind the destruction of UN-financed property, not Israeli Jews, so naturally there is nothing to write about in the world media, nothing for world statesmen to posture about on the political stage.  The EU is one […]

Gaza without electricity

A quarter of Gaza’s electricity supply has been summarily cut off. Yet there are no boat convoys departing from Turkey to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians’ human rights. Iran remains eerily silent. There are no massive demonstrations in Beirut, Riyadh, Damascus or Cairo. 25 percent of Gaza’s electricity comes from a power station in […]

The uncomfortable parallels

What is it that NATO forces can demand but Israeli soldiers are denied, while both are fighting Islamist terrorists? Appropriate rules of engagement, that’s what. NATO forces in Afghanistan have long complained that their restrictive rules of engagement prevent them from dealing adequately with an enemy that wears civilian clothing, uses civilians for cover, fires […]

Anniversary of the latest expression of racism

Four years of international silence. Today marks the fourth year since Islamists from one of the world’s 52 Muslim countries/territories – the Hamas regime in Gaza – invaded the world’s only Jewish country – Israel – and illegally kidnapped an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit. Over these four years the FN, EU (Schalit is also a […]

Sweden's communists, port workers and state radio in concerted attack on Jewish state

Swedish dockworkers have instituted a week-long boycott on the handling of cargo to and from Israel to mark their support for terrorist organisation Hamas. Hamas is most noted for two things: for firing more than 10,000 rockets at civilians in Israel, and for kidnapping an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit, four years ago and illegally holding […]

The silence of the lambs

As they are led to the Islamist slaughterhouse. January 2010: 2166 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. February: 1556 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. March: 2536 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. April: 1768 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror […]

Non-news of the day

“The armed forces will pursue the (terrorists) with determination and patience until the terrorist organisation is neutralised.” “It has been understood from information obtained that (the terrorists) suffered more than 100 losses.” Terrorism is on the rise, “prompting the army to carry out at least two air raids and a small-scale ground incursion on rebel […]

Tenors for Terror

Ahmedido Domingo, Erdogano Pavarotti and Assad Carreras in beautiful harmony. Enjoy courtesy of Latma TV. And after the fun, here’s the REALLY worrying part: Read Bret Stephens who in Commentary Magazine writes about how Iran does not seem stoppable. Islamism – soon in a suburb near you. Read Greg Sheridan in The Australian who writes about how the […]